Irony! Strzok Did the Same Thing Hillary Did


CIF or Secure Compartmented Information Facility is where the most sensitive classified material is kept. All electronic equipment must be put into lockers before entering. Agent Peter Strzok not only didn’t do that, he used his cell to text with his lover Lisa Page.

Text messages show Strozok likely used his cell phone in “Jim’s SCIF” which is a strict violation of protecting classified information.

That would have precluded him from investigating Hillary because he did precisely what she is accused of doing. He violated national security rules for which he apparently doesn’t have much respect. Super Agent Strzok makes up his own rules, like Jim Comey.

This information is found on the Lisa Page – Peter Strzok texts.

James Waurishuk, a retired Air Force colonel, senior career strategic intelligence officer, and National Security Council staffer, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that cell phones are strictly prohibited in the SCIF.

“You just don’t do it. And most places they will make sure they don’t have one with you. To not only bring it in but actually use it, I can’t fathom that,” he said. “And then to be texting your girlfriend — you’re not allowed to use it even for official government use.”

Why wasn’t this guy pulled off the case? Maybe we know why based on all he did to cover up Hillary’s crimes.

Read the story at the Daily Caller.

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