Illegal Ordered Deported but Not Removed, Convicted of Child Rape in Sanctuary CA.


Illegal Ordered Deported but Not Removed, Convicted of Child Rape in Sanctuary CA.

Illegal immigrant Fredys Aguilar-Menjivar, a 31-year-old El Salvadoran, was convicted of three counts of forcible rape of a child under 14 and one count of child molestation.  He received orders to be removed from the U.S. in 2016, but like so many holed up in the lawless state of California, was never deported.

The victim reported that Aguilar-Menjivar, a family member no less, raped and molested her on several occasions between 2018 and 2020.  The Monterey district attorney’s office said the abuse was discovered at a party when a family member walked in — the victim had tried to scream, but Aguilar-Menjivar threatened her and her parents.

California is a “sanctuary” state, meaning local enforcement are forbidden from cooperating with ICE detainers but there are exceptions for certain serious crimes.

Tragically for the pre-teen victim and her family, the predator from El Salvador’s first offense apparently wasn’t “serious” enough to be certain he got the boot.  Aguilar-Menjivar has been sentenced to more than 45 years in prison.

Meanwhile, his innocent prey faces a lifetime of trying to deal with horrific abuse she suffered at the hands of a man that should have been deported from our country.

All this plays out as Biden opens our Southern Border to a seemingly unending flow of illegal immigrants.  The illegals look to settle into states who offer “sanctuary” for them, but not for those they might murder, kidnap, or rape.

A pre-teen girl couldn’t even be kept safe from a deranged member of her own family.

Given the current trend, they’ll be lots more horrific stories like this.

Don’t tell Biden or Harris.  They really don’t care to know.

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