Statement from Former President Donald J. Trump to President Wrong


Former President Donald J. Trump issued a new statement and as one who lost acquaintaces on 9/11, I agree.

“I wish Joe Biden wouldn’t use September 11th as the date to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan, for two reasons. First, we can and should get out earlier. Nineteen years is enough, in fact, far too much and way too long. I made ealy withdraw possible by already pulling much of our billions of dollars of equipment out and, more importantly, reducing our military presence to less than 2,000 troops from the 16,000 level that was there (likewise in Iraq, and zero troops in Syria except for the area where we KEPT THE OIL).

Secondly, September 11th represents a very sad event and period for our Country and should remain a day of reflection and remembrance honoring those great souls we lost.

Getting out of Afghanistan is a wonderful and positive thing to do. I planned to withdraw on May 1st and we should keep as close to that schedule as possible.


Mr. Biden loves to take credit for things that former President Trump has done, the most obvious of which is the vaccine. Biden has done nothing except place orders.

Betsy McCaughey recently said, “Biden gets some credit for distributing the shots, but Trump is responsible for producing vaccines in record time and guaranteeing that America had first dibs on the supply. The current president claims he inherited a mess. In fact, he inherited a miracle — Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.”

Biden is attempting to take credit for the pullout already scheduled by Donald J. Trump. During an interview on Wednesday, Democratic Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, told Wolf Blitzer it wasn’t Biden’s idea to end the war. He said, “What President Biden is doing is picking up on the negotiated agreement that President Trump put together. I am not a great fan of Donald Trump and his administration, but he was right in trying to end endless wars.”

Leaving Afghanistan, a failed 19-year Bush war is a good idea but the war itself cost American lives, and as we said, it was a failed war. Don’t equate it with 9/11 President Wrong.

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