Illinois Bill Will Allow Illegal Aliens to Police Americans


Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has made it possible for illegal aliens to become police officers on the local, county, and state levels. They can now police Americans even though they break our laws to come into the US. We don’t even know their background.

The law, implemented earlier this year, requires only that officers have a work permit issued by the federal government. Work permits, specifically under President Joe Biden’s administration, are given out regularly to border crossers and illegal aliens released into the United States after crossing the southern border.”

Now, Illinois is looking to do the same thing.

JB Pritzker at WEF Forum

Non-U.S. citizens may soon be able to become police officers in Illinois also, pending Governor Pritzker’s approval.

Even if he doesn’t sign the bill, the Democrat supermajority can overrule him.

Federal law only allows U.S. citizens to serve as officers and deputies. But, since this bill passed the Illinois House and Senate, we could soon see work-eligible immigrants become a part of law enforcement in the state of Illinois.

In 2021, the Federal Government passed a bill that allowed some undocumented immigrants to become healthcare workers and military members. The bill’s sponsor called the introduction of this new bill a “natural progression.”

Democrats are destroying what it means to be a citizen. They are destroying the United States.

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