Gov. Newsom to Allow Illegal Immigrants to Police Americans


Northridge, California, United States – June 29, 2022: A multi-agency task force, including LAPD Narcotics detectives, stages on a community street before a drug policy enforcement raid.

A bill signed by Gov. Newsom in 2022 takes effect this year. It removes the provision that an individual must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States to become a police officer so long as they are legally authorized to work.

Biden allows almost every person coming across the border the right to work in the United States. He made them legal workers.

The bill says it only allows legal immigrants to become officers but does not specify that illegal immigrants are barred from doing so. In other words, the language that would ban the hiring of illegal immigrants is out and people who are pouring in are now largely allowed to work legally.

The law pushed by Senator Skinner also removes the requirement that California Highway Patrol officers be citizens of the United States or, if not, that they become U.S. citizens “at the earliest possible time” or have their employment terminated.

Originally, the bill was aimed at legal residents and green card holders, but that’s not how it turned out.

Police are supposed to be of good moral character, but the first act these people commit to get into the country is to break the law. However, it was upon invitation from the progressive Democrat party.

As Victor Davis Hanson would say, it’s an effort to devalue citizenship. Progressive Democrats are removing all distinctions between illegal immigrants and citizens.

People who break our laws by coming in illegally can now police us as police officers in local, county, or state police offices in California.

All these millions of unvetted people can potentially enforce our laws or not. They also get put up in hotels and receive our benefits. It’s a good deal for foreigners from all over the world.


The bill is also designed to aid children from other states coming to California for sex change procedures and treatment. This would stop states like Texas and Florida from removing children from parents who elect to put them through “gender-affirming” healthcare. The state of California defines this as “medically necessary health care that respects the gender identity of the patient, as experienced and defined by the patient.”

That would include hormone therapy to suppress secondary sex characteristics and other treatments “to align the patient’s appearance or physical body with the patient’s gender identity.”

The law achieves this by blocking out-of-state subpoenas, preventing health providers from sharing information with out-of-state entities. It will allow California courts to make an initial child custody decision if the child is in California for “gender-affirming” healthcare.


Law enforcement agencies can no longer use DNA collected during rape kit tests to investigate other crimes. One person sued, so they caved.


California was the first state to ban the sale and manufacture of fur products in 2019. A new law bars Californians from selling or making clothes, shoes, or handbags. There are exceptions for religious or tribal war. Cats, dogs, cowhides, deer, sheep, and goat skins are also fair game. Taxidermy is ok.

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