Ukraine’s Almost Out of Shells as They Look to Crimea


Joe Biden admitted that Ukraine is almost out of shells. That’s the reason he gave for sending cluster bombs. Biden repeated that Ukraine couldn’t join NATO until the war’s end. Otherwise, all of NATO would have to enter the war.

Why would he admit they’re running out of shells? Conservative TreeHouse noted that Coons said the same thing. What could possibly be the motivation?

Despite this and even though the counteroffensive is lacking, Ukraine’s President Zelensky is holding fast onto retaking Crimea and all the land lost.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky gave a series of interviews. During one with Martha Raddatz, he stated how and when the war will end. It will end when they reach Crimea and agree not to take it by force if Russia negotiates.

Zelensky believes there might be another mutiny in Russia, a revolution. He also believes many people might support such a mutiny.

This doesn’t appear to be based on reality.

Joe Biden with Fareed Zakaria

Partial Transcript

RADDATZ: But with all the threats, all the losses, 500 days into the war, Zelenskyy remains adamant Ukraine will not cede any territory to Russia.

Six months ago, you said you would not cede any territory to Russia to end this war. We’re now 16 months in. Is your answer the same?


RADDATZ: No territory? No Crimea?

ZELENSKYY: No territory. Crimea is our territory.

RADDATZ: You met with the CIA director on what was supposed to be a secret trip.

ZELENSKYY: That’s great secret.

ZELENSKYY (through translator): We began to speak about it. Yeah.

RADDATZ: With “The Washington Post” — “The Washington Post” said —

ZELENSKYY (through translator): “Washington Post”, OK.

RADDATZ: — in that meeting, Ukrainian officials laid out a scenario that they thought would end the war, which was that by this fall, Ukrainian troops would advance to the edge of Ukraine’s border with Crimea, you would agree not to take it by force, and then push Moscow into negotiations. Is that a scenario that is feasible?

ZELENSKYY (through translator): Well, it’s absolutely clear, logical rhetoric, that at that moment, when Ukraine will reach the administrative border with a temporarily occupied Ukrainian Peninsula, Crimea, it’s very likely that Putin will be forced to seek dialect with the civilized world, unlike it was before the full-scale invasion. Because he will be more weakened and he’ll be seeking for some other ways, possibly diplomatic ways, and will likely be sending relevant messages.

RADDATZ: So, that is a feasible scenario?

ZELENSKYY (through translator): Well, the war is to be over with justice and peace, and with us regaining our territorial integrity. Why? Because the end of the hot stage of the war and freezing the conflict would not mean the end of the war.

RADDATZ: Tell me how you think Ukraine will be doing a year from now, five years from now? What is your place in the world?

ZELENSKYY (through translator): Ukraine has already got a place in the world for itself. I consider that as a fact. We are now a country that is respected, a country that is really fighting for human values, for human rights, for freedom, for democracy, and everyone has already understood that it is exactly such a country. I assume that Ukraine will be a valued NATO countries’ partner with actually strongest armed forces in Europe.

90 percent of Ukrainians want to be part of NATO. More than 90 percent of Ukrainians want to be part of the European Union. After the war, we’ll take some time, we’ll make necessary changes to our legal framework in order to finally become E.U. member state.

I think that the country with such potential is important for the unity. And what is more important is that we are really a democratic nation that is dying for that on the battlefield.


RADDATZ: As for future support from Americans, Zelenskyy is watching the U.S. elections closely, but says, the choice is up to the American people.


DONALD TRUMP, FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT: If I’m president, I will have that war settled in one day, 24 hours.

RADDATZ: Donald Trump says he would end the war in 24 hours if he was elected president.

ZELENSKYY (through translator): It seems to me that the sole desire to bring the war to an end is beautiful. But this desire should be based on some real-life experience. Well, it looks as if Donald Trump had already these 24 hours once in his time. We were at war, not a full-scale war, but we were at war, and as I assume, he had that time at his disposal, but he must have had some other priorities.

If we are talking about ending the war at the cost of Ukraine, in other words, to make us give up our territories, well, I think, in this way, Biden could have brought it to an end even in five minutes, but we would not agree.

RADDATZ: What would you say to those Americans who say, we’ve given enough, we have our own problems, we can’t continue to do that?

ZELENSKYY (through translator): I would like to say thank you to all Americans for what you have done, and I appreciate those who say that you’ve done enough. Trust me, no matter what I appreciate help.

When it comes to the word enough, well, we, Ukrainians, are not people known for excessive appetites. Our victory is enough for us. Honestly, when we have enough for our victory, then it will be enough.

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