Illinois Invites Illegal Aliens in for Free Healthcare


Illegal immigrants in Illinois between the ages of 55 and 64 can now receive taxpayer-funded healthcare. The program will also include people 42 to 54 on July 1, Fox News reports. Illinois is only the first Domino, others will follow soon.

Illegal immigrants who qualify will receive free doctor and hospital visits, lab tests, physical and occupational therapy, mental health, substance abuse disorder services, dental and vision services, or prescription drugs. Americans don’t get these services for free.

Several Democrats are now calling for this to go nationwide. Giving away these kinds of services to everyone who comes crashing into our home will bankrupt us. But Democrats know that. At the same time, Biden is looking to close Veterans’ facilities.

The Left – Democrats – are destroying what it means to be a citizen. Benefits that belong to citizens are being given to people who break our laws.

They are making citizenship meaningless and foreigners are replacing Americans, especially at the voting booth. They will be malleable and obligated to Democrats.

In March, 220,000 unvetted people — at a minimum — passed through our borders illegally, That doesn’t count all those coming through each month for a year plus since Biden opened our borders.

What do you think this is about?

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