Mass Shooting Suspect Released Within Hours, He’s Done It Before, But Off to Work He Goes


As a person of interest in the injuring of 14 people, and the shooting of 9, Jewayne Price was released on a $25,000 bond and sent home with an ankle monitor. He is also allowed to go to work. What does he do for a living, we wonder.

At only 22 years, he is off to a stunning start in life. There were multiple shooters and he is one of the suspects. It’s the second time he has been involved in a mass shooting (that some sources say is gang-related).

Jewayne Price

His attorney said he fired in self-defense. While he owned the gun legally, he did not have a concealed carry permit and did conceal it. He’s only looking at a gun charge for now.

He can go to work, too! Who would want a mass shooter to show up at work?


This is not the first time Price was arrested, Conan Daily reports. He, Twana Ivery, then 39, Jordan Terrell Myer, then 20, Kenneth Roger Robinson Jr., then 18, Thaiyeah Keisha Keel, then 18, and 18 others were charged for their roles in a prearranged fight on May 10, 2018, at Unity Missionary Baptist Church in Hopkins, South Carolina.

The fight led to a shooting that killed Amon Rice, 17, a student-athlete at Lower Richland High School in Hopkins.

Myer, Robinson and two other people were charged with murder. Price, Ivery, Keel and 13 others were charged with accessory before the fact of murder and one person was charged as an accessory after the fact.

He’s just an innocent nice young man – nothing to see here.

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