IMF Predicts a New Global Order Due to the Ukraine War


“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

—J. Edgar Hoover, FBI director, 1956 on America’s infiltration by Communists.

CTH pointed to an article on US News by Reuters that should have people concerned. The title of the article gives the point away – Russia’s War in Ukraine May ‘Fundamentally Alter’ Global Economic, Political Order – IMF.

The piece quotes an IMF prediction – …”the war may fundamentally alter the global economic and geopolitical order should energy trade shift, supply chains reconfigure, payment networks fragment, and countries rethink reserve currency holdings.”

Isn’t that the New World Order, The Great Reset, the Build Back Better ideology? The stuff of conspiracy theories?  It appears deliberate when one looks at the signals we are getting from Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ ideology.

Why is the Biden administration constantly beating the war drums and not trying to lower the temperature in the Ukraine-Russia conflict? The US doesn’t push for peace. They push for war and so do the media and the politicians of both parties.

At the same time, without any logic whatsoever, Biden will continue to restrain our energy sector and spend wildly. There is no stopping the administration from doing everything they can to hurt this nation and its values, culture, history, constitution.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a global financial mechanism located in Washington DC. It’s really a global Mafia and has controls on the global economy. When they predict something, it’s good to listen.

They salivate at the thought of total dominance and power.

It is a danger we face.


The SWIFT sanctions and the sanctions on the Russian Central Bank could be very damaging for the US in the long run. The petrodollar is in danger.  The IMF has predicted food famine and the trade sanctions seem intent on making it happen.

All of this is so illogical that it seems like it must be manufactured.  We’ve been fed lies about the earth being overpopulated. Exaggerated climate science is used to redistribute our wealth and destroy our energy sector. The radicals want you to believe that giving the elite your money will somehow save the planet.

The pandemic brought us liberty-robbing mandates that were and are in many cases without scientific consideration.

Then there is the open border problem that is erasing immigration laws, asylum laws, the rights of citizenship, and citizenship itself. It’s a direct strike at US sovereignty, obliterating it before our eyes.

The media lies continuously. Consider the shutting down of information on Hunter Biden before the election as only one example. The NY Times admitted that the laptop is legitimate. They knew that before the election. The lie that it was Russian disinformation was their usual poke the Russian bear fallback position. They lied to hide the truth and get Biden elected as a figurehead. Wealthy globalists like Mark Zuckerberg paid half a billion dollars to swing the election. Soros poured money into Biden’s election as did Bill Gates and the other usual actors.

We are becoming the cog in the wheel that Barack Obama envisions for us.

Conspiracy theories are coming true.

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1 year ago

I could never understand the rationale for such corporate control. What does one think when a societal goal is nothing but Serfdom, which China has to a certain degree. Even in the US during the early 1900’s there were areas of effective serfdom. One could imagine a person on top would believe they are great corporate citizens in providing for all the needs of the workers. History of this societal compact proves it doesn’t work in practice.

The IMF has been the one source for many disasters in countries across the globe. First they cajole countries with loans that is supposedly to help their capital markets. Since those countries do not have the means to invest the money effectively and thus the economic growth is lacking, the result is interest payments have to be made from existing budgets. Then, in order to meet those obligations, severe austerity measures are required. It is compounded by corruption on all sides. It can be seen in many Mediterranean countries. It is nothing more than the use of money to destroy nations and take ultimate control in both economic and political venues. It is the evil side of Capitalism that is never constrained, but praised by Governments who are involved.

A Hard Rain
A Hard Rain
1 year ago

Eurasia is the new bloc as the former USA is hollowed out.
The BRI is part of it.
No manufacturing won’t work in a global WAR scenario.

1 year ago

Come’on Man, are great people in D.C. have a lot on their plate they just did the The Sunshine Protection Act, well today they introduced H.R. 2116, THE CREATING A RESPECTFUL AND OPEN WORLD FOR NATURAL HAIR ACT, A CRITICALLY IMPORTANT CIVIL RIGHTS BILL THAT WOULD EXPLICITLY PROHIBIT DISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF HAIR TEXTURE OR HAIRSTYLES, COMMONLY ASSOCIATED WITH A PARTICULAR RACE OR NATIONAL ORIGIN. ???????…………….this is not a joke, these worthless sh*theads(demorats)are up on capital hill trying to push this to a vote !!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

The IMF which is the Financial arm of the WEF may be right, but it’s not going to be the New World Order they were planning. What we are likely to see is the USD replaced by the Yuan, not the Euro.

This will have serious consequences in America when the US Government can no longer Deficit Spend.