IMF Warns of “Darkening” Global Recession [“Climate Idiocy Is Expensive”]


The International Monetary Fund lowered its economic forecast again for 2023, saying countries making up one-third of the world’s economy will have at least two-quarters of contraction this year or next as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine disrupts global markets.

I think it’s the sanctions and the destruction of the fossil fuel industry that is the problem. Much of this is manufactured with bad policies of the West. The globalist IMF won’t admit that.

Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the IMF, told an audience at Georgetown University on Thursday that “things are more likely to get worse before it gets better.” She sees a “darkening” over the global economy.

She said Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in February dramatically changed the IMF’s outlook.

“The risks of recession are rising,” she said. We’re looking at $4 to $6 trillion lost. Even those countries not in recession will feel like they are because incomes can’t keep up.

She urges policy action to avoid “dangerous ‘new normal’,” reports AFP News Agency. We don’t know what policy action she wants, but we’d suggest unleashing fossil fuels and changing the sanctions to become less damaging to the West. Also, someone should shut Zelensky up. His constantly calling for World War III is not helpful.


“The global economy is at increasing risk of recession and could lose $4 trillion in output through 2026, a ‘massive setback’ roughly equivalent to the size of Germany’s economy, the IMF’s top official said.” Steve Milloy says, “climate idiocy is expensive” and “darkening.”

“Emissions have doubled since climate idiocy began. More are on the way with no end in sight. Wind and solar have been exposed as failed technologies, and we are possibly heading into a global recession. Yet the IMF imagines emissions cut 25% by 2030,” Milloy added.

They keep pushing failed policies. It’s the definition of insanity.

The U.S. economy is “darkening.” Once Biden is done emptying out the emergency oil reserves, fuel and prices will skyrocket. The economy has contracted for two straight quarters. We are all being told that is an informal definition of a recession since hiring is still strong. You can believe it is only an informal definition if you want.

The Biden administration and congressional Democrats are saddled with voter anger over inflation, which is running near a four-decade high.

That’s called a recession.

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