Impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday


The Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, has managed to open the borders to millions of unvetted, anonymous people over the last three years. He has done it willfully while lying about it. He continually pretends the borders are secure when it’s very clear they are not.

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He is betraying the country and bringing in people who will completely change the politics and culture of this country. That’s the very definition of a traitor. It is not the will of the majority of people. Even fewer people will agree with it when they realize what it means. He is helping to make this country an authoritarian welfare state.

In some potentially good news, Chad Pergram, a Fox News reporter, wrote on X that he might be impeached as early as next Tuesday.

“A senior House GOP leadership source says the House could vote on Tuesday to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Fox is told to expect a straight up or down vote on a privileged resolution to impeach Mayorkas, authored by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)

“Fox is told it is unlikely there would be a motion to table or set the measure aside. Such a vote could serve as a fig leaf to protect members who make a lot of noise about impeaching Mayorkas. But are unwilling to put their money where their mouth is.

“If that’s the case, Mayorkas could be impeached without a hearing or a committee markup. “That would automatically trigger a process which would compel the House to send articles of impeachment for Mayorkas and impeachment managers to the Senate.


“That does not necessarily mean there would be a Senate trial. But the Democratically-controlled Senate would have to receive the articles of impeachment from the House.

“Such a turn of events could be extraordinary, considering how many Republicans spoke about “process.” Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) euthanized an effort this spring by Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) to impeach President Biden.

“The House extinguished the effort by dispatching the Boebert impeachment gambit of the President to cmte. McCarthy often spoke about handling impeachments “by the book.”

“That involves depositions, hearings and a markup on the articles of impeachment themselves. None of that has happened with Mayorkas. Notably, the House voted to table an effort last week to expel Rep. George Santos (R-NY), largely because he had not received “due process.”

”… it’s possible the House could reject an effort to impeach Mayorkas. That could be an embarrassment by hardline Republicans who have talked about impeaching Mayorkas for months – yet possibly stumbled when an actual impeachment resolution went to the floor.”


We are in a proxy war with Russia over Ukraine to support democracy and protect their borders while our borders are open, and we are losing our democracy to an autocratic figurehead president.

If that sounds illogical to you, trust your gut.

Perhaps the US government should care as much about the US borders and US democracy as they do about the imaginary democracy of Ukraine? And $18 billion for a US border wall was too much? Biden wants to give Ukraine $100 billion so more of their people can be slaughtered.

Look at this import. He murdered a child, and was still allowed in the country. What happened to if it saves even one life?

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