Impeaching Rod Rosenstein! He Thinks Having to do His Job Is “Extortion”


Members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus have drafted articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. They called it a “last resort” if the Justice Department continues “slow walking” its response to document requests. The DoJ is hoping to run out the clock, counting on the Democrats winning the House and impeaching President Trup. Rosenstein was characteristically snide upon hearing about the articles of impeachment.

The draft lists eight instances of wrongdoing by Rosenstein.

The articles are a warning shot that will not be moved forward at this time.

Several days ago, House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., announced they reached an agreement on producing the documents.

Another agreement the DoJ will ignore.

According to the Washington Post, the document highlights the marked differences between the DOJ and GOP members of Congress who have struggled to obtain documents and information regarding Russia, Clinton’s email probe, and the special counsel.

“The draft articles, which one of its authors called a ‘last resort,’ would be unlikely to garner significant support in Congress. But the document could serve as a provocative political weapon for conservatives in their standoff with Mueller and the Justice Department,” writes the Post.

“My frustrations about their inability to respond to simple requests could warrant further action,” said Rep. Mark Meadows, head of the Freedom Caucus and staunch Trump supporter.

The paperwork comes just days after the liberal Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor of providing official protection for Robert Mueller; advancing legislation that would prohibit the President from firing the special counsel.

A Sarcastic Rod Rosenstein

Rod Rosenstein mocked them in response. He said, “They can’t even resist leaking their own drafts,” adding that the DoJ “will not be extorted.” Rosenstein claimed there are “people making threats publicly and privately”.

The fact is the DoJ will not give the Committee the documents they are entitled to have. Along those lines, Mark Meadows tweeted: “If he believes being asked to do his job is ‘extortion,’ then Rod Rosenstein should step aside and allow us to find a new Deputy Attorney General—preferably one who is interested in transparency”.

Obviously, the House deliberately released the information to get the message out into the public in the interest of transparency.

Rumors from the trading floor Tuesday that Rod Rosenstein could be fired soon, as soon as Friday.

What is so very strange is that Rosenstein recommended James Comey be fired. Now Rosenstein’s appointed special counsel is investigating to see if Comey was fired for the wrong reasons. He’s looking at obstruction of justice charges against the President.

Rosenstein’s Stunning Statement

According to the DoJ, Congress has no Constitutional authority to conduct oversight over the department.

He cited Attorney General Jackson in 1941 who refused to turn over FBI files.  Rosenstein said this is “implied power” but it’s not constitutional.

That means no one would have authority over the DoJ and they are a rogue government within the government.

You can expect no DoJ or FBI employee will be prosecuted.

This is a rather alarming statement. Go to 18:27 on the mark:


  1. This is the same Rosenstein that “threatened” members of Congress so he has a great deal of gall in speaking as such.
    I spent about an hour developing this in another thread so I’ll post it here since it’s highly relevant.

    Rosenstein made a blockbuster statement today. According to the Justice Department the Congress has no Constitutional authority to conduct oversight of the Department. He cites AG Jackson from 1941 to reinforce the concept whereby he flatly refused to turn over FBI fles. He refers to this as an “implied power”.. The issue that arises is no one would have authority to investigate whether or not corruption has occurred. In the 70’s it showed how necessary it IS for Congressional oversight.

    He brings up the IG is the appropriate vehicle to better accomplish the task of rooting out corruption. But that is predicated upon an AG whose values meet the highest standards. When the IG was investigating under Obama the then AG Lynch wrote a lengthy legal brief stating the IG had no “authority” to question anyone in the Justice Department’s NSD Division. He states, just before the video is interrupted, that there are internal methods of dealing with corruption. He spoke often of essentially “prosecutorial discretion”, such as the Executive Branch sets a policy on what priorities are important. Maybe this is why the IG released a scathing report on a retired FBI special agent found in numerous corrupt criminal acts, and, I suspect we will never see McCabe or others actually prosecuted.

    The only source I found on this event was by PBS and the feed blanked out during part of this subject of discussion on oversight and “misconduct”.

    • I put that up after I saw your comment. Thank you for posting. He’s a real slimeball.

    • It appears that Rosenstein is gearing up for a court battle over document release. And, another battle to force Trump to testify. The AG, Speaker and Leader will not intervene. The DOJ will in court argue against Trump.

      Rosenstein invokes the IG as the solution to corruption, for the purpose of his coverup continuation. If the IG has full law enforcement powers, which it does not, why have there been no indictment? And as you cited, there is that Lynch matter I had forgotten.

  2. I consider Gowdy’s involvement in that document “agreement” to be part of the coverup. Gowdy has revealed himself too many times for us to be naive about his motives. He’s a pretender. Rosenstein is not going to be transparent and he has an important ally as Speaker to protect him. Contempt/impeachment is very justified. Any decent Speaker with a motive to oversee the DOJ, get justice, and protect the president of his own party would have already acted.

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