In Breaking News, Lindsey Graham Is a Snake


Senator Blumenthal and Lindsey Graham laughed at the foolish peasants who think there is an army of IRS Agents forming. Just because the regime is doubling the number of agents, why would anyone think that’s a problem? Oh, those conspiracy theorists!

Did we mention that they’re increasing the weaponry and ammo too?

“The idea that there’s gonna be this army of IRS agents descending on the average American is just preposterous,” Blumenthal said as Lindsey Graham laughed and nodded.


Radical leftist Chris Murphy claims we need all those agents since there is an epidemic of tax cheating among the always-infamous targets – millionaires and billionaires.

“The Inflation Reduction Act includes money for the IRS to curb an epidemic of tax cheating amongst the millionaires and billionaires. Under bill, audit rates won’t increase for anyone making under $400K,” he falsely claimed on Twitter.

We know he’s not telling the truth. The regime plans to go after the middle class. Otherwise, why did Rep. Crapo’s bill fail?

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