McCarthy & the Establishment Spent $4.5 Million to Defeat Joe Kent



Update: He won!

According to Joe Kent, a candidate for Congress in District 3 Washington, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the GOP Establishment spent $4.5 million on a smear campaign to defeat him in the last twelve days before election day.

Joe Kent was losing as the votes were counted until the drop box votes rolled in, and by Friday night, he was only 257 votes behind RINO incumbent Rep. Jaime Herrera-Beutler. It’s taken days to count the votes. Perhaps they will finish the count Monday.

Some Republicans – establishment GOP – are concerned that he is a Democrat since he was a registered Democrat. Donald Trump endorsed Mr. Kent, a former green beret and a Gold Star husband.

It looks like he will win, and nothing he says supports the propaganda that he is a closet progressive. District 3 is red (R+7); if he wins, he will become the congressman for that district.


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