In Chicago, Even Babies Outside the Womb Aren’t Safe, 5-Month-Old Shot and Killed


In Chicago, Even Babies Outside the Womb Aren’t Safe,

5-Month-Old Shot and Killed

By James S. Soviero


Once again, a weekend in “The Windy City” produces an unthinkable tragedy.  

Friday, a five-month-old baby girl died in Chicago after being shot in the head while sitting in a car.  The Chicago Police Department reported the shooting happened at approximately 6:45 p.m., when Cecilia Thomas, was in the vehicle. That would be while the sun was still up.

Police said an unknown car approached, and the occupant fired shots from inside.  The second victim, a 41-year-old male, traveling in a separate vehicle, self-transported to the University of Chicago Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the eye area.

Andrew Holmes, a community activist, told FOX 32 Chicago that the suspect’s ride is possibly a red Chrysler and the shooter may be female.  He continued, “You just took this baby’s life. This baby was an infant, this baby didn’t do nothing to you.”

Seven or 8 months ago, while Celia or another child her age were in their mothers’ wombs, Mr. Holmes could have said the same thing, but he’d likely be attacked by those shilling for abortion up to the time of birth. 

So this innocent child made it out of the womb, only to be senselessly gunned down on the mean streets of hapless Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s deadly Windy City. 

Holmes concluded his interview with, “….this is a disgrace, this is as low as you can get.”  From his lips to God’s ears.  But as Chicago’s history, especially under this “leader”, has proven, he’s likely to be wrong. 

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