In Cobb County, GA, 78% of absentee ballots breached chain of custody


A lawsuit was filed in the District of Colombia on December 22nd by the Amistad Project against Vice President Pence, the Senate, House, Electoral College, and leaders of the swing states and the elections.

In Cobb County, Georgia, the Ballot Transfer Forms show that 78% of the 89,000 (69,420) absentee ballots breached the Chain of Custody and were not transported as Georgia election rules require.

The lawsuit focuses on the $400 million of Zuckerberg’s money used to determine how election offices would operate.

The lawsuit claims:

CTCL funding produced similar results in the other Defendant States. Moreover, the use of drop boxes materially breached the chain of custody of ballots. For example, ballot transfer forms in Cobb County, Georgia, show 78% of the 89,000 absentee ballots were not transported as Georgia election rules require.

Additionally, the use of drop boxes and changes in the signature comparison requirements for absentee ballots were approved by the Georgia Secretary of State without legislative approval.

The presence of CTCL funds in other states facilitated conduct contrary to state law as well. In Wisconsin, at CTCL’s request, five cities used CTCL seed monies to draft the “Wisconsin Safe Voting Plan 2020,” so named despite the failure of the city leaders to include any other Wisconsin election officials. The plan, and communications relating to the plan, provided for extensive voter turnout efforts, considered state voter identification laws an obstacle and required the use of drop boxes, curbside voting, and salaries for additional staffing.”

CTCL funding was used to “dramatically expand voter and community education and outreach, particularly to historically disenfranchised residents.”

Why have election rules or laws? What’s the point since they will do anything they feel like doing to give the advantage to the candidates they favor?

How can that be ignored? And what happens in the senatorial race when this type of sloppiness or corruption continues? Nothing has been done to stop it.

These ballots can just keep coming in for weeks or months. We are the Banana Republic, and no court cares.

As a socialist on ‘Hannity’ said, they have the courts. We have nothing, and they want to “destroy every last one of you.”


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jack johnson
jack johnson
2 years ago

Nobody cares about the election anymore…..quit wasting your time writing articles about it. We understand our vote means nothing and have moved on. Every man for themselves from here on out…..I don`t care about my fellow man or country. America is over.

2 years ago

Sooo…these ballots will be thrown out? LOL! Nope. The fix is in. Discussions like this one, sadly, are strictly academic. American Justice and the rule of law have been murdered by the Democrat Pary. We’ve watched as they buried the body’s in the garden and did nothing to stop the slaughter.

2 years ago

Numerous judges and large swaths of democratIC party politicians, all over the country, have clearly indicated that some laws can be ignored. Yet they refuse to provide a comprehensive list of the laws that can be ignored, leaving it to each person to determine what laws are no longer valid. This endangers 100% of the population. And certainly those that have created this.

Powerful Stuff
Powerful Stuff
2 years ago

The United States of Facebook? NO we can’t.
Chain of custody? We don’t need no stinking chain of custody, comrade.
We have decided what’s best in our infinite wisdom.
The council of birthing people is wise as an oracle and knows what is best for deplorable kulak untermenschen scum.