In Hochul’s NY, Stores Can be Fined for Selling Reddi-Wip, But Meth Smugglers Post No Bail


In Hochul’s NY, Stores Can be Fined for Selling Reddi-Wip,

But Meth Smugglers Post No Bail

by James S. Soviero

In very early August, while “woke,” elitist Kathy Hochul’s dangerous cashless bail policy was setting criminals free, businesses in New York City were literally locking up cans of Spam.  The merchants wanted to keep the “cooked pork product” from being stolen.


Weeks later, we’ve learned stores in the Big Apple risk a fine if they sell cans of whipped cream to anyone under the age of 21.  The first offense comes with a $250 hit.  After that, it’s $500 for continued violations.

The law passed last year amid concern that teenagers are increasingly getting high by inhaling the nitrous oxide used as a propellant in the canisters.

Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” is a dissociative anesthetic that can be inhaled by discharging nitrous gas cartridges known as “whippets.”  It offers a short-lived, dangerous euphoria, along with possible long-term side effects.

Meanwhile, two weeks ago, in the very same crime-infested metropolis, a couple of suspected Mexican drug-cartel smugglers were busted with 165 pounds of crystal meth, worth $1.2 million.  They had to be freed thanks to Kat Hochul’s lax bail rules.

It seems that under the state’s outdated drug laws, these two men could only be charged with second-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, which was not a narcotic.  That distinction made all the difference.

For a look at the seemingly endless, catastrophic, sometimes deadly effects of this very highly addictive drug, just check out the meth-related videos from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The lesson we continue to learn from stories like these couldn’t be clearer.  Today’s “woke” left reflexively takes the side of those menacing society while inconveniencing, or even fining honest, hardworking, Americans.

Included would be people risking both their fortunes and sometimes their lives, running small businesses in an increasingly hostile city.

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1 year ago

The radicals are getting away with these insignificant laws. The funny thing is no one knows about it and when you tell them,, they don’t believe you.

1 year ago

So Liberals are more worried about kids doing nitrous oxide than crystal meth, opioids, or fentanyl. Back when I was kid you got hard time for just doing Marijuana. Back then you would get Life for LSD. How times have changed. We used to call drugs Dope.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

Wonder who sowed these weeds…but the people sure ARE reaping in abundance…