In the USA, If You’re Not a Democrat, You Might Go to Jail


Bill Clinton kept US secret documents in his sock drawer. Hillary Clinton kept secret documents on a secret server, and some ended up on pervert Anthony Weiner’s computer. She erased 33,000 files that belonged to the government and nuked her hard drives. Nothing happened to Bill, and he was allowed to keep the documents in his sock drawer. Nothing happened to Hillary because there was allegedly no evidence she intentionally transmitted or willfully mishandled classified information.

Biden stole documents illegally, but he can’t be prosecuted because he’s elderly and sympathetically stupid.

Buzz Patterson, who formerly carried the nuclear football, said, “It’s obvious that nobody on the left will ever be charged with willfully stealing and holding classified documents.”

He didn’t mention it, but it’s also painfully obvious they will prosecute and convict Donald Trump and claim his case is somehow different.

There is no equal treatment under the law in the United States of America. It is truly clown world. Thank our political leaders.

As Elon says…

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