750 ARNG Will Rifle Through Riders’ Bags When 38 People Commit 1126 Attacks


Gov. Hochul deployed hundreds of National Guard (ARNG) to New York City subways but they can’t bring long guns. Hochul doesn’t like the way it looks. They will be at bag checkpoints without guns to randomly go through people’s bags. The Guardsmen can’t really single out suspicious-looking people, or they will be subjected to profiling claims.

Hochul issued the ban on military-grade rifles “immediately after” 750 troops were deployed to the subway system, a spokesperson told The Post Sunday.

The move led to complaints that state leaders were militarizing the subway system, and NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell accused Hochul of treating the subways like a “war zone.”

“Stop the theater!” wrote former Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik in a post on X, adding that “the NYPD knows their job” and should be left to do it.

Mayor Adams said the crime is fueled by a failure to stop repeat offenders. A small number of people commit most crimes.

He said the crackdown would see subway riders subjected to ‘random’ bag checks while the number of plainclothes cops patrolling the station would greatly increase.

He also noted that 38 people were arrested for a staggering 1,126 attacks on MTA workers in 2023, while 542 people were arrested last year for over 7,600 shoplifting crimes.

So, innocent riders will be subjected to bag checks when 38 people commit most of the attacks on MTA workers, but nothing is done about them.

Criminals are often not prosecuted. Thanks to bail reform, repeat offenders are released over and over. Hochul won’t call for amending or rescinding the bail reform laws when that is the problem. Sending 750 unarmed guardsmen to rifle through innocent riders’ bags is not the answer.

Hochul is a complete idiot.

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