Illegal Immigrants with Measles Were Never Screened


The Pilsen illegal immigrant shelter in Chicago, IL, has four measles cases, including two adults. The fire department took one child to the hospital. The CDC has sent a team to the city to help the response teams. The second child with measles attends a Chicago Public School.

No one bothered to screen them before they went into the large population in the migrant shelter. That’s what you can expect from the leadership in these cities.

Measles is one of the diseases illegal immigrants bring with them.

None of these people are vaccinated.

“There’s 100 children there that are between the ages of 1 and 1 that are really at risk,” said volunteer Annie Gomberg. “It’s very possible that in the unvaccinated population in close quarters, we’re going to see tens or dozens of cases.”

“It’s a call for again for people who have not been vaccinated to go out and get their vaccination,” said infectious disease expert Dr. Damilola Adeyemi. “We just need to confirm people’s vaccination status, vaccinate them, and anybody who is infected make sure that they are not around people who are not vaccinated.”


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