India Stops Wheat Exports During The Great Food Reset


As predicted by the World Economic Forum – The Great Resetters – the world faces food shortages and high prices. On top of that, India has banned wheat exports, worrying the G7. The EU is already reeling under the loss of imports from Russia and Ukraine.

India banned wheat exports without government approval Saturday after its hottest March on record hit production. They are the second largest wheat producer in the world.


Global wheat prices have soared on supply fears following Russia’s February invasion of Ukraine – which previously accounted for 12% of global exports.

The spike in prices, exacerbated by fertilizer shortages and poor harvests, has fueled inflation globally and raised fears of famine and social unrest in poorer countries.

It has also led to concerns about growing protectionism…

Is this a prediction or the result of manipulation using climate change? Could there be something bigger going on here in the Ukraine war? Is it The Great Food Reset?


Climate Depot’s Morano: “If the Davos crowd of the World Economic Forum were looking for a better global environment on which to enact their central planning vision of a Great Reset, it would be hard to imagine a more conducive chaotic time than right now.”

USAID official declares fertilizer shortages should be used to hasten environmental transitions. Food shortages play into the hands of Davos agenda

“A food crisis/famine advances the long-term goal of more centralized control of energy, food, transportation, etc., as advanced by the Davos crowd of the WEF. Governments must expand their powers to ‘handle’ crises, and that is what progressives love more than anything,” Marc Morano, proprietor of the website Climate Depot, told The Epoch Times. …

“For years we were warned that ‘climate change’ would cause food shortages…” Morano said.

“What the Biden admin is doing is seizing on ‘crises’ to advance their agenda. Greta [Thunberg] famously said, ‘I want you to panic.’ Because when you panic, you don’t think rationally and calmly, and you make poor choices. The only way they can sell these climate-inspired utopian energy and food production fantasies is during times of COVID crisis or wartime crisis,” Morano added.

“Food shortages are a great way to collapse the current system and install a Great Reset,” Morano said.


Berlin believes Russia will cut off gas to Germany. Siegfried Russwurm is the President of the largest industry BDI. He told Bild am Sonntag on Saturday that it would be “catastrophic” for the economy. Many companies would be forced to stop production. Some will never be able to start up again.

On Wednesday, Russia imposed sanctions on Gazprom’s European subsidiaries including Gazprom Germania, an energy trading, storage, and transmission business that Germany placed under trusteeship last month to secure supplies. The sanctions list also includes Gazprom Schweiz AG, Gazprom Marketing & Trading USA, Vemex, Wingas, and EuRoPol GAZ.

Before that, Ukraine suspended the flow of Russian natural gas to Europe, blaming Russia.

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