Indiana officer killed and two federal agents and an officer were shot in Chicago


An Indiana police officer was shot and killed near a federal building Wednesday. This came hours after an officer in Chicago along with two federal agents were shot while working undercover.


Authorities in Terre Haute were looking for the suspect but he is captured and undergoing surgery, according to WDTN.

“Information is minimal at this time,” Terre Haute Police Department Sgt. Ryan Adamson said. “We’re still processing the scene. We’re still reaching out to family members. When we have more information we’ll update you all accordingly as the case allows.”

In a tweet, Terre Haute police Sgt. Ryan Adamson said an officer was “shot in the line of duty. Our officer passed away.”

He was shot in a federal building.

This isn’t the result of gun violence. This is gang and criminal violence. It’s hatred of police drummed up by Democrats and their allies, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa.

When criminals are not held accountable, they keep committing crimes and they escalate. No-bail laws are a complete disaster. If you want to get rid of gun violence, take guns from criminals and keep them in jail when they violate the law.


Officials say two Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents and a Chicago police officer were shot in an unmarked car on Chicago’s South Side.

That sounds like an attempted assassination.

The injuries are not life-threatening.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is incompetent. All she can do is take guns from legal gun owners. She has no other ideas and will not hold criminals accountable as she weakens the police.

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