Where is AOC’s office in the Lego Capitol?


Someone asked reporter Jack Posobiec where AOC‘s office is in the Lego Capitol and we think it might be for nefarious purposes. We hear AOC went right to her psychotherapist upon hearing this.

Earlier today, we reported about the FBI nitwits who seized a Lego set that belonged to one of the people accused of rioting in the Capitol on January 6th. It was of the Capitol — a Lego Capitol –and the agents seem to think it could be evidence. They must be the agents who couldn’t find the Boston Bombers after the Russians told them of their plans and where to find them. Perhaps it was the agents who investigated the Parkland killer, Nicolas Cruz. We can’t say.

In any case, there’s a run on Legosurrection equipment. We thought we’d share this vital information with you.

We think we found one of the potential insurrectionists below. He’s looking for a piece to scale the walls! We will rat on this person immediately to Facebook and Twitter. They are so sweet and want to help potential insurrectionists to save them from themselves.

By the way, this is all sarcasm. We don’t want to be canceled so we felt the need to mention that for the witless, like Facebook executives.



  1. Legos (hecho en China slave labor shop) are a construct of the white male capitalist imperialism.
    The office of the esteemed party member comradette AOC (Central Casting)?
    Look for the bar, pub or tavern section, comrade.

    O/T-reading about horny Viking man and it is not good for him as a political prisoner from the storming of the Reichstag.
    Was he even a Trump supporter? Were they afraid that he would build up a head of steam and ram someone with his horn while all the Capitol Poleece (SS) have high capacity semi-autos with +P+ rounds?

  2. What really needs investigating is who ordered Ashli Babbitt killed. Some Powerful Politician drew a line at that door and ordered anyone coming though that door shot. Who gave the order? We can’t have politicians ordering people whacked like a Mafia Don. A Lego Capitol is just a side show and it makes the FBI look like the Keystone Cops. Potential FBI informants and operatives have already been identified as leading the “Insurrection”. The people not being sought by the FBI. We saw pictures of Capitol Police waiving people into the Capitol, but the Government wants us to believe there was an arm insurrection that took over the Capitol; but they couldn’t find any guns. Maybe we should have a few Red State Bureaus of Investigation investigate the FBI? Better yet, turn over all Capitol Video over to anyone who wants to review it.

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