Indonesian Health Minister Wants Digital IDs


The Indonesian Health Minister at the G20 summit wants digital IDs to control the people’s movement based on vaccination status. That’s why Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum leader, and Bill Gates are at the meeting intended for heads of state. Governments are on board with controlling the populations of individual countries. The fact that some or all world leaders are talking like this and even considering it should alarm people.

Terawat Agus Putranto

This is nothing new for Indonesia. In 2021, they “launched its first digital health blueprint, laying the groundwork for the country’s digitalization of health services to expand inclusive health care coverage for its 270 million people.”

If the government provides your health coverage, they also get to tell you what to do and, now, they can control you with digital IDs. What could Hitler have done with this technology?

It’s sold as innovation and progress.

The authoritarian world leaders are preparing for the next pandemic by adopting Maoist control systems.

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2 months ago

The World needs to start lining these Despots up against a Concrete Wall.

2 months ago

First the covid mandates and lockdowns to control us to injections (MRNA) to experiment with our DNA . . next up, sensors (Chips) implanted into humans to monitor and control human behavior . . Sick Sick Sick (666)