Infuriating School Board in Prince William County


An upset father named Jeff Darr explained at a Prince William County Board meeting that his 13-year-old child was sexually assaulted in school. He wanted to know where the rules and procedures could be found and he wanted the public to know what transpired.

The arrogant board members said they would not answer him and he could email or make an appointment to get answers. They seemed cold and rude.

At one point, the Chairman of the Board, Babur Lateef, said, “So, we won’t be answering you, but you can certainly keep asking.”

Having worked as a teacher and school administrator, I’d like to know how these people get off treating parents like this. And especially a distraught parent of a little girl.

The Board was mostly silent, and what also struck me was the stony faces in the audience. Why didn’t anyone support him? The father was so upset.

A school security officer seemed to put his hand on the father’s back at one point. Were they going to throw him out?

The Board later issued a statement that they notify the police when something like this happens.


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Ben Colder
Ben Colder
1 year ago

The school boards in this country have become way to arrogant they have forgotten of choose to forget that the people put them where they are they have become all in for the communist teachers union.In most states the teachers union decide who gets elected to the school board .The communist union owns the school board they are just a figure head.

The Nefarious Assface
The Nefarious Assface
1 year ago

Babur Lateef sounds like the name generator.
Babar Oajaca, Tilford McEevers were some of my favorites along with Boris Gulyas and more.
You can set the parameters by name and country or import looking for a name that fits in.
The Shakespearean Insulter is still the best and used in extreme Morale Emergency for gut busting laughs.
They had us read Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in senior year and it was two hoots and a holler!
Nowadays that would be thoughtcrime and unperson with no soup forever ban.

The Great Leap Failed State
The Great Leap Failed State
1 year ago

No borders, a hostile CCP gov, soon to be Zimbabwe wallpaper Weimar wheelbarrow, nothing in stock at build it back better grocery, divided and conquered.
A society that can’t even keep students safe is already destroyed.