LA Soros DA Won’t Send Child Molester to Prison Since He’s Transgender


Los Angeles DA George Gascon won’t send a sexual molester of a ten-year-old child to prison because he’s transgender. Gascon is afraid he will be molested.

According to The Daily Mail, in 2014, the nearly 18-year-old James Tubbs, pre-trans, attacked a 10-year-old girl. He followed her into the bathroom of a Denny’s in Palmdale, California.

Tubbs, who now calls himself Hannah, sexually assaulted the child, holding her by the throat, putting his hand down her pants, and only stopping when someone walked into the restroom and scared him off. He ran away.

Tubbs was two weeks away from his 18th birthday at the time, with Los Angeles DA George Gascon now refusing to sentence her as an adult because he is a transgender.

In 2019, Tubbs was tracked down thanks to DNA, which was entered into a database that year when arrested on suspicion of battery in Idaho.

Tubbs was brought back to California, having racked up a criminal record including assaults with deadly weapons.

Tubbs has arrests for battery, drug possession, and probation violations in Idaho and Washington.


Since the 2014 attack, Tubbs has transitioned and is now known as Hannah Tubbs, age 26.

Tubbs has pleaded guilty to the 2014 sexual assault but the district attorney of Los Angeles County, George Gascon, is refusing to sentence Tubbs as an adult.

Gascon has angered many by his concern that Tubbs could be victimized in an adult facility as a trans woman and recommends home confinement instead.

Tubbs could end up with a stay at a juvenile custody facility, even though s/he is too old for juvenile hall. He can’t be in juvenile hall because he has committed two sexual assaults on young girls.

An alternative is probation, according to the LA Times.

Gascon is pushing mental illness as an excuse, yet Tubbs is obviously very dangerous to young girls and others. Being transgender isn’t an excuse or a get-out-of-jail-free pass. He deserves to go to prison.

These Soros DAs sure feel the need to protect these perverted child molesters as opposed to the victims.

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