INSANE & AWFUL! Mom to Put 6-Year Old Through Chemical Castration!


Instead of this case going to Child Protective Services, a daft mother, a judge who has overstepped his authority, and questionable backers won the court case. She has decided her healthy six-year old boy is a transgender girl and she is planning to have him chemically castrated. The father is desperately fighting to save him as they demand he pay for the transformation.

Six years of age is way, way too young to make this decision and he is too young to make this decision.

James’ father says he wants to be a boy but his mother has been dressing him as a girl since he was three. She enrolled him in school as a girl, calling him Luna, according to the report.

The mother has money and a group behind her and she wants the father to pay for the transgender procedure and future mutilations.

Even if he were a transgender, it’s a decision only he should make as an adult. There are serious mental and physical repercussions the child can’t possibly understand.

There is a website called Save James which gives details. They claim Texas is allowing these procedures on children as young as six. The court documents can be read here. The filing claims the father is abusive to mother and child. The child allegedly wants to be a girl according to the documents.

The fact remains six is too young. It’s literally insane.

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Lisel Sipes
Lisel Sipes
3 years ago

Instead of being put in a home for the mentally ill-this woman is going to be allowed to torture her child in the most heinous way. The judge, the jury-bought and paid for by the sick group she belongs to-should face charges of the torture and mutilation of a child. Texas is a really sick place, apparently.

4 years ago

Is it really shocking? Millions of baby boys have part of their penis cut off in America and nobody bats an eye. This is very consistent with what we already do to children. Why stop now?

4 years ago

How sad. Poor little kid never had a chance.

4 years ago

Has the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, been made aware of this outrage? His office needs to be engaged immediately and requested to intervene to stop this crazy mother and judge. He has jurisdiction and can get an injunction to stop further unlawful actions. This is child abuse on steroids! The mother shouldnotonlyh lose her license but be locked up for the rest of her life.

4 years ago

Take it all the way up to the Supreme Court, if need be! We need to help fund the man, so that he’ll have the money to see this through. Seriously, he should start a GoFundMe or something- I hope the writers of this article will reach out to him and let him know, he WILL be supported.