Man Sets Himself on Fire & a Dangerous House Plot Exposed


Today, we have two insane moments in time. Interestingly, today is the day the American Revolution began. We won that battle, and we will win this one. We have a sacred inheritance of liberty that we must not lose.

First, the Man Who Set Himself on Fire.

A man set himself on fire today outside the Trump trial courthouse. His name is Maxwell Azzarello, and he is in the hospital in critical condition. After an onslaught of abusive anti-Trump and anti-Trump supporter comments online, it turns out he was protesting a global Ponzi Scheme of some kind. That’s according to his manifesto. According to the latest reports, it had nothing to do with Donald Trump.

Today, we hear there is a House plot. As Michael Caputo says, it doesn’t sound crazy after hearing about the man who set himself on fire and Biden getting in trouble with lobbyists for South Pacific cannibals. Biden accused the black men of New Guinea of eating a white man falling out of the sky – the white man was his uncle, who he calls his grandfather, to be specific.

That takes us to the House plot.

Rep. Matt Gaetz believes that if the House tries to vacate Mike Johnson, one to three of his corrupt Republican colleagues will flip the House to the Democrats.

Rep. Luna hears that if the motion is introduced, one or two moderate Republicans will resign. She said it’s a possibility.

Andy Ogles said we could lose the House.

If Republicans lose the House, Democrats will go for Universal Basic Income; Trump will be declared an insurrectionist; we will see a massive spending package; and they will look to pack the Supreme Court, and so on.

This sounds nuts, but we do have a Uniparty and can’t trust these people.

DON’T VACATE! It’s not worth the risk.


By the way, this is the ideology of the man who set fire to himself:

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