Insiders Describe a Mentally Failing Joe Biden


The Wall Street Journal interviewed 45 Republicans and Democrats about President Joe Biden, who Robert K. Hur described as an elderly man with a bad memory. It’s getting worse.

If he’s as sharp as he’s ever been, as Democrats say, we are in major trouble.

Most of those interviewed who said Biden performed poorly were Republicans, but some Democrats said he showed his age in several exchanges.

When he met with congressional leaders in January to negotiate a Ukraine funding deal, he spoke so softly that no one could hear him.

Many of us remember his screaming jags in public, which is quite a contrast.

In a January meeting, he moved so slowly around the table that it took him ten minutes to greet everyone. Then he read off of cards about the need to help Ukraine. The information we get through the media and Democrats is he’s a energizer bunny.

Speaker Mike Johnson  (R-LA) saw a president who didn’t remember his own policy. In a February meeting, House Speaker Johnson spoke with Biden about how he had halted future permits for shipping LNG to many countries, including Europe, while the climate, economic, and national-security impact of those exports was being studied.

Johnson said that when he confronted Biden about this helping Vladimir Putin, Biden said this was just a study, not appearing to understand that he had done it.

… it took Biden about 10 minutes from when he entered the room to get the meeting started, and when he did, he used note cards to make obvious points that everyone was already in agreement with, and participants could barely hear him.

“Much of the conversation didn’t include him,” the report states, noting that the president asked his staffers to answer some questions posed directly to him.

In a February follow-up with House Speaker Mike Johnson, the Louisiana Republican expressed his concern to the president over the administration’s liquid natural gas export policy — fearing it was benefiting Russia.

Biden didn’t seem to know the policy was actually in effect and falsely claimed it was “only a study,” according to the report.

The exchange “dismayed” Johnson, according to individuals who witnessed it.

When then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy and two others talked with him about lifting the debt ceiling, his demeanor and command of the details shifted from one day to the next.

“I used to meet with him when he was vice president. I’d go to his house,” McCarthy said in an interview. “He’s not the same person.”

Others noted that Biden’s demeanor and grasp of policy details varied by the day, and he frequently relied on notes and deferred to aides during conferences.

The outlet compared the few flubs Donald Trump made for some reason. Hardly comparable to this:

Biden would “ramble” and mumble, and his ability to command the room varied from day to day during tense negotiations over raising the debt ceiling last May, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) recalled.

“He always had cards,” McCarthy said, referring to Biden’s dependence on notes. “He couldn’t negotiate another way.

In follow-up calls with Biden, lawmakers tasked by McCarthy to hammer out the details of the debt ceiling plan struggled to get the president to make the final call on key points.


“And he was shocked when I’d say: ‘No, Mr. President. We talked about that meetings ago. We are done with that,’” he recalled.

DOJ attorney Robert Hur said in his report that Biden’s memory is “significantly limited.” He called him the elderly man with a poor memory.

Biden responded  to Hur’s comments in a news conference: “I know what the hell I’m doing.”

A senior GOP aide told The Post that the alarming allegations in the report are why the Justice Department has refused to release tapes of Biden’s interview with former special counsel Robert Hur in the classified documents investigation.

The White House blamed Republicans for spreading false stories as if we can’t see it with our own eyes.

He’ll be 86 at the end of his term, and if he doesn’t make it, they plan to put Kamala Harris in as an obedient figurehead.

Biden’s gotten worse since this:

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