Internal Memo to Agents: Nothing Will Change on the Border


This article is a repost with a new headline.

After the Executive Order was released, Ali Bradley reported about an internal memo from the Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) to ICE revealing that despite Biden’s June 4 executive order, nothing would change at the border.

He’s making illegal immigration the new normal.

NEW: In an internal memo to ICE— The ERO Executive Associate Director says that CBP and ERO will not question illegal immigrants who cross the southern border and are processed for expedited removal while the limitation is in effect regarding their fear of return… “If a noncitizen subject to the Presidential Proclamation is processed for expedited removal and manifests fear or an intention to apply for asylum or related protection while detained in ICE custody, the noncitizen must be referred to USCIS…” One source said, “In other words, nothing has changed…”

If they say they have a credible fear, they get to stay. That is all they have to do.

It’s the Demcrat’s political theater, and the invaders are allowed to stay under his perverse asylum rules. Biden is breaking US immigration law.

The National Sheriffs Association has traditionally worked with the President. Biden won’t.

The Association stresses the fact that we don’t even know who these people are or where they are. It poses a serious national security threat. Thousands of Americans have died from the fentanyl being brought in. People like to ignore the trafficking of children and women for sex and labor.

[To Democrats, dead Americans are merely collateral damage to their important goal of a permanent electoral majority.]

All illegal alien children will be allowed in. Many go to anonymous people. Others wait for their parents to follow, and then we must keep the family together. Some of the children are gangbangers.

Key Passages from the National Sheriff’s letter:


Read the entire letter here.

Gov. Greg Abbot has also responded.

Biden’s announcement today does nothing to secure the border.

It actually AUTHORIZES 2,500 aliens to cross illegally & provides an enticement that will attract even more illegal immigrants.

He’s just trying to hoodwink Americans to think he’s taking action before the election.

As we wrote yesterday, the ACLU is already prepared to sue and delay the EO for the next five months.

The American Civil Liberties Union announced plans to sue the White House over President Biden’s new executive order that would close off access to asylum when border numbers surge.

Why it matters: The organization signaled its plans to sue even before Biden signed the order, demonstrating how fierce opposition to the move will be.

      • “We intend to sue. A ban on asylum is illegal just as it was when Trump unsuccessfully tried it,” Lee Gelernt, who successfully argued a similar challenge under former President Trump, told Axios.

Biden said he is prepared for legal challenges. In five months, we have an election. This entire EO will time out.


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