“Instant Bridge” Survivor Saw the Bridge “Falling on Top of Us”


Celebrated leading visionary bridge engineer Atorod Azizinamini, whose ABC (Accelerated Bridge Construction) technology was used to build the bridge that collapsed yesterday on Florida International University’s campus, was named an Obama era Department of Transportation ‘Champion of Change’ in 2015.

Multiple people, at least six, were killed in a bridge collapse at Florida International University in Miami yesterday. The so-called “instant bridge” which was installed in just six hours last Saturday crumbled on the traffic below. It was scheduled to open in early 2019.

It was constructed with funding under Obama’s Tiger 5 Program — Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery.

One survivor said he “saw the bridge falling on top of us.”

The firm used to check the bridge, Louis Berger, was not FDOT prequalified. That’s a requirement.

This next tweet has since been deleted.

It is a homicide investigation but that doesn’t mean criminal charges.

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