Insulin up to $1500 for a 90-day supply, some can’t afford to live


Will Joe Biden do something about the price of insulin going so high that many people can’t afford to live? Instead of sham impeachment trials, why aren’t the politicians working on this problem?

Democrats will solve the problem by putting through single payer. Only that will kill the middle class with taxes.

Democrats are blaming Donald Trump for the rise in prices, but critics say it is the result of Joe Biden’s order removing the price cap. Left-wing factcheckers like Verify are going all out to say Biden’s order had nothing to do with it, but they reference the part of the order that requires Big Pharma lower prices. That’s a different issue.

The CDC claims the problem is regulatory.

It originally went up under Barack Obama. At the time, Big Pharma changed the delivery system to a pocket pen instead of a needle. They charged a great deal for the change.

The bottom line is it’s Biden’s job now. What is he going to do about it?

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