Intel source tells Ms. Bartiromo Trump did in fact win the election


Democrats mock Republicans for claiming voter fraud, even though there is fraud. The fraud was likely massive thanks to the lawless processes in swing states.

If they held signature audits, the situation could be resolved, but they won’t do it. What are they afraid of?

It’s a mystery why Democrats can’t understand that Republicans find it hard to believe a doddering fool and his communist running mate won 82 million votes. These two still can’t draw crowds of tens.

Does anyone really believe Biden is more popular than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

He didn’t even run a decent campaign. It was run from his basement, and his running mate made few appearances, some of them bizarre.

We have whistleblowers who are sticking their necks out with no upside whatsoever, errors, irregularities, flipped votes, and cover-ups that need to be investigated.

Maria Bartiromo’s intelligence source told her Donald Trump did win the election.


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