Intellectual Giant Joy Reid Says “Odd That Kneeling in Church” Is OK But It’s Not to Kneel for Protests


MSNBC’s Joy Reid tweeted her contempt for Donald Trump and support for the disrespectful and divisive NFL players Sunday. She didn’t stop there and decided to lash out at Christian churchgoers.

According to her, Christians who are against protesting the national anthem during games meant for entertainment are hypocrites. These tweets are unspeakably illogical and very offensive. The moral equivalence she drew between two unlike events is stunning, even for her.


As if that isn’t enough, she thinks LeBron James show of disrespect for the President makes him a king among men.

He’s a hero athlete for taking cheap shots.



  1. Athletes are not heroes as they do nothing heroic. They move a ball around & rake in millions. Then they bitch, moan, piss, whine, wail & make believe they’re “offended” & concerned about trivia…compared to the staggeringly sky-high stats of black-on-black crime.
    If they’re so “united”, let ’em spend all their non-sports hours in the ghettos & projects where the rapes, looting & murders are occurring – to give “their people” hope & a hand up & out of that incestuous culture.

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