Interview with Trump supporting Black Dem goes off the rails


A state rep from Georgia, Vernon Jones, was on MSNBC with anchor Craig Melvin, who was fit for bear as soon as he began. Vernon Jones is a Black man, a Democrat, and he supports President Trump. That’s not allowed.

Melvin began by making Jones answer for President Trump and he did it with misinformation about what else — Russia.

He asked Mr. Jones how his support for Trump was going over in his district. Jones mentioned, “fake news” and that started a string of acrimonious exchanges.

MELVIN: “I like to traffic in facts, and much of what you just said is patently false. Representative Jones, this is my show, I’ll ask questions, give me a second.”

JONES: “You had me on your show so let me explain. Don’t cut me off when I’m giving you an answer.”

MELVIN: “Are you a paid campaign surrogate? Are you being compensated?” [crosstalk]

That is low. Melvin really punches low.

It’s a crazy conversation but worth watching. It shows how this so-called news media treats people who support the President, even if the man is a Black Democrat.


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