Interviewer Asks Damar Hamlin What Caused His Heart to Stop


Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills player who suffered a cardiac arrest during an NFL game in January, won’t say what caused his cardiac arrest.

“Umm, that’s something I want to stay away from.”

He also said he is still talking to his doctors about it. He is fit, and they didn’t find anything wrong with him. So, we’re back to where we started; it could have been the hit to his chest or the shot, or are we. Sometimes long pauses matter.

Damar Hamlin
This is from a Good Morning America Interview on 02/13/23:

Micheal Strahan: Your 24. Peak physical condition. You can run circles around me right now. How did doctors describe what happened to you?


Damar: Ummm (long pause) umm, that’s something I’m going to stay away from.

Micheal Strahan: I know from my experience in the NFL they do more tests than anything, and in the course of you having your physical, did anybody ever come back with any – saying you had a heart issue or anything that was abnormal?

Damar: Honestly, no. Um, I’ve always been a healthy, young, fit, energetic, uh, you know, human being, let alone athlete, um so it was something that was just – that we still processing – I’m still taking through with my doctors – to see what everything was.

I guess they don’t know for certain that it was the hit to the chest. If you even suggest it was myocarditis, you are a conspiracy theorist.


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