Gallup Poll: Americans Are Dissatisfied with ‘Immigration’


A new Gallup poll found that Americans want decreased [illegal] immigration. Gallup, Axios, and other media equate immigration with illegal immigration. They no longer distinguish between the two. Unfortunately, that mindset means our borders are ruined and our immigration laws ignored.

Americans favor immigration, but not illegal immigration. The poll ignored the distinction. View complete questions and responses yourself (PDF download).

Gallup poll on decreased “immigration”

Since Biden, dissatisfaction with ‘immigration’ has spiked. Only 28% of Americans are satisfied with the immigration into the US. It’s the lowest in a decade. Nearly two-thirds of those want less immigration.

Axios’s Mike Allen said it “is likely tied to the record numbers of crossings at the US-Mexico border over the past two years [aka illegal immigration of unvetted people from around the world].

He says “likely” as if he’s unsure.

Still, 52% of Democrats are pleased with the immigration levels. We can’t say why, but we suggest it’s because they will get their permanent electoral majority and never have to deal with a Republican again in any significant way.

According to Axios, Biden “has struggled to handle unprecedented levels of migration throughout the Western Hemisphere.”


That is so very dishonest. The migration into the US all comes from Biden’s dismantling of immigration laws and perks for aliens coming illegally, including promises never to deport them. In Europe, it’s similar. The Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter Szijjarto, told GB News that Brussels and ‘the man whose name I’m not allowed to say’ are responsible for the massive wave of illegal immigrants trying to pour through Serbia.

We’ll use this man’s initials, GS. GS and Brussels have made those intentions known, but any mention in the media of their roles is immediately shut down.

In November 2015, GS told Europe to take in at least one million refugees a year.

GS is a funder of pro-migration groups all over the world. Oddly, he argues that his beliefs “uphold European values”.

In a May 12 memo, titled “Migration Governance and Enforcement Portfolio Review”, GS argues that the refugee crisis should be accepted as the “new normal.” He and his money are influencing global immigration policy.

Gallup didn’t separate illegal immigration out, and it makes the poll far less reliable on so many levels.

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