Into The Long Dark: San Francisco 2051


Into The Long Dark: San Francisco 2051

Bob MacGuffie and Antony Stark -authors of The Seventh Crisis

It is a fact of life that human beings rapidly learn about the immutability of the nature of Time:

The Past is unchangeable.

The Present is constantly in flux.

The Future is unknowable.

However, while immutable, humans have found ways to come to terms with Time’s unchangeable nature. That is, while the Past is unchangeable, it is open to re-interpretation and even falsehoods regarding it; the Present may be constantly in flux, but is also under the constant pressure of humans to control the nature and direction of that flux; and while the Future is unknowable, it faces constant attempts to be shaped by the Present so that reasonable forecasts can be made about how those in the Present want the Future to most likely look.

Of the three attempts to gain some kind of mastery over Time, shaping the Future is the most difficult… and predicting it is nearly impossible, even with the best and most intelligent applications of reason.

In fact, History is replete with myriad bad forecasts, even within ranges of Time that are of minimal significance.  This is because most forecasts are based on the idea that people, faced with limited choices, will act in their self-interest (if not with success, at the least with purpose) and because of this will act with relatively predictable behavior.

As counter-intuitive as it seems, it rarely works out that way.

For example, a person living in England in 1895 would have looked out at a world which, to him, seemed to be divided up into racially determined castes: a prosperous collection of White nations in Western Europe and North America whose arrogant sense of  “superiority” was taken by them as a given; somewhat lazy and less prosperous Central, Southern and Eastern Europeans; backward Russians… and “inferior” non-White peoples everywhere else, many of whom were under the often cruel and brutal colonial domination of several White nations.

This Euro-dominant order had grown up in the post-Napoleonic era and had lasted, without a large, general war between the major nations, for eight decades.  “Progress” was seen as inevitable, buttressed by the wonders of modern science, which seemed to be turning out vastly superior methods, products, medicine, transportation, communication and knowledge at a prodigious rate, all of which had greatly improved the food supply, the general health, the child mortality rates and the living standards to levels undreamed since the dawn of time.

Stability was taken for granted; the governments were in the charge of more and more democratically elected officials who nonetheless bowed before the authority and high regard the population had for their traditional aristocratic ruling families, who were seen to be a centralizing, stabilizing, moral force that kept the various elements of traditional society – Family, Church, State, Army, peasant, worker, soldier, bourgeoise, industrialist, aristocrat – all in their proper place performing their proper tasks.

Operating under societies that were enjoying unprecedented peace, prosperity and social cohesion, the West was extremely self-assured of its right to extend its control over vast areas of the world and dominate it, not only for its own benefit, but supposedly also for the benefit of the “inferior peoples” it controlled.  This was the so-called “White Man’s Burden” the poet Kipling wrote about.

Many even spoke of the impossibility of another general war on the level of those fought against Napoleon long ago.

The future seemed easy to forecast: the world would be ruled by Europe in precisely the manner in which it was then constituted.

And then… it all fell apart.

By 1920, this entire view was blown to pieces by global war and violent revolution.

The major European Empires were either destroyed or mortally wounded; the colonial people they ruled were no longer satisfied with being considered inferiors; the same scientific progress that had extended and improved life was shown to also have an equally powerful ability to create hellishly cruel instruments of mass death; the stable, traditional system became one mired in discontent and revolutionary ideas; class warfare broke out and a total overturning of the Traditional, Christian, Capitalist, Rational order took place with the revolution in Russia in 1917, which threatened to extend its violence and chaos into the heart of Europe.  Formerly second-rate powers like America and Japan were now economic and military giants at the heart of world affairs and former Great Powers – Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire – were cast into the dust of defeat and dissolution.

All this occurred because the leaders of the 19th century World Order could no longer direct the ship of state to its desired destination without steering it onto the rocks.  The old Aristocratic order collapsed due to the inability of those running it to keep their hand on the rudder and thus allowed other, stronger, more capable or cunning hands – generals, industrialists, politicians and reformer / revolutionaries – to take their place.

In response, idealistic “leaders” sought to create a collective control of the rudder on the ruins of the Old Aristocratic order… through various peace treaties such as the Treaty of Versailles (which ended WWI and tried to “Make the World Safe for Democracy”) the Locarno Pact, the Kellogg-Briand Treaty (which “outlawed” war) and, most notably, the League of Nations.

They envisioned a Future that would now be more peaceful, more progressive, more fair, more collectively governed, less cruel, less Machiavellian and… much more stable.

By 1940, everything about this forecast was itself in ruins. Germany had not only reconstituted its power under the brutal Nazi dictatorship, but had either outrightly conquered or dominated all of Western Europe except for Great Britain, which was on the edge of defeat.  It was closely allied with the equally fiendish dictatorships in Russia, Italy and Japan, all of which threatened the new found status of the United States, which was then sunk in a long and paralyzing Depression.  Further, Americans who were suspicious of manipulating Europeans and their endless crises, preferred a diminished role in world affairs and were quite happy to accept an inward-looking policy of “’neutrality” and “isolationism.”

The Future looked certain to belong to the dictatorships and what Hitler called “The New Order.”

Yet only five years later, the Nazis, the Japanese and their allies were obliterated; the Russians, whose friendship the Nazis had betrayed when they viciously attacked and almost destroyed them, came back from their early losses to annihilate Germany and take control of half of Europe… including half of Germany.  Far from being diminished, the United States came out of the war not only armed with nuclear weapons, but had totally abandoned any idea of “isolationism” to become the protector of what was left of Western Europe.  And why not? All its previous enemies were dead and all its economic competitors were bankrupt.  America stood at the pinnacle of wealth and power. Only the military might of the USSR stood in their way as an enemy.

By the early 1960s, the remaining European Empires had largely collapsed, setting up a range of states that now became a “Third World” forced to choose sides in the Russo-American rivalry, which was fought out in a series of “small wars” based on ideology and resource control.  In Asia, the world’s most populous continent, China (which was long considered decadent, impotent poverty-stricken and powerless to control its fate) was taken over by Communist revolutionaries who ruthlessly reorganized the country with great brutality and who lost no time militarily challenging the American superpower in Korea, where it fought it to a stalemate.

The Future was now forecast to be one of two power blocs with rival ideologies, forever locked in a perpetual Cold War and always on the edge of mutually assured nuclear destruction if the “small wars” in the Third World got out of hand.

Throughout the 1970s, the power of the United States seemed to be diminishing and many saw it as indicating an end to American dominance of world affairs. America was plagued by inept leadership in the form of corrupt and/or hapless presidents beset by one crisis, foreign and domestic, after another, many the product of their own arrogance and ineptitude.

The competition for dominance in the Third World seemed to be increasingly in the favor of the USSR… in Africa, in Central America, in Southeast Asia, in the Middle East and in Central Asia where, in 1980, the Soviets were so confident of success they committed the first overland invasion of another country (Afghanistan) that was outside their Warsaw Pact client states since WW II.  America had abandoned Vietnam and a few years later saw the authoritarian government it was allied with in Iran taken over by a bitterly anti-American Islamist Fascist regime, which went on to became a fountainhead of international terrorism that plagues America and the West to this day.

None of the foreign policy experts of the 1970s saw any way for the USA to ever “defeat” the Soviet Union and prominent “experts” such as Henry Kissinger proffered advice (such as his policy of “détente”) on how to live with it as long as possible; in fact many in the West believed that America would have to become more like the USSR’s “command economy” in order to survive… that is, if were not to be taken over by it outright via a Soviet military adventure in Western Europe that the US failed to resist.

Again, the forecast failed… the rudder of the American ship of state was forcefully gripped by President Ronald Reagan and by the year 2000 the supposedly “eternal fact” of the USSR and its Eastern European empire unraveled until the entire rotting structure totally collapsed. The Chinese, who 50 years before were attacking American armies in Korea, were now in loose “strategic partnership” with the United States while Eastern Europe adopted western economic and democratic governing models.

Intellectuals touted this as “The End of History” and it was only a matter of time, they said, before the rest of the world followed the USSR and China into accepting the American Democratic-Capitalist model.

Almost on schedule, these political and economic forecasts all failed; Russia returned to an almost neo-Czarist, anti-Western authoritarianism, supposedly Communist China and Theocratic Iran became crypto-Fascist states in all but name and Capitalism is now under attack not only in enemy capitals and Third World backwaters, but on the American campus, in the American Media, in the halls of the American Government and even in the Human Resource departments of politically correct, multi-cultural, “WOKE” American corporations!

What all these failures have in common is that they are failures of imagination that resulted in an inability to correctly understand the Present, let alone forecast the Future.  The fall of the old European order, the rise of the dictatorships, the annihilation of Hitler, the collapse of Communism and the current internal and external threats to the United States that threaten America’s belief in itself were all once impossible to imagine… which is precisely the point.

This lack of imagination allows for people to obsess on passing events and see them as central crises, while ignoring more slowly developing, long term, extremely destabilizing and world-changing trends that take place off their radar screens, un-noticed by puffed-up Academic “experts” in their think-tanks, clownish “analysts” offered up by the propagandists in the Enemedia and the self-serving liars in the political class, who ludicrously deny even that which is plainly evident for all to see, on video, via TV and the internet.

When such real, long-term crises become evident… when they can no longer be denied or explained away… it is often too late.

We should remember the words of Albert Camus, the French existentialist philosopher who wrote of how he and his fellow intellectuals sat in their Paris cafes in 1940, wondering how everything they believed in could have been so easily and quickly destroyed and how everything they thought about the Future… that it would be democratic, socialist, progressive, tolerant, peaceful… was ground into the dirt under the panzer treads of the Nazi victory parade.

In his book “The Rebel” Camus writes:

“Hitler, at the height of his madness, wanted to fix the course of history for a thousand years.  He believed himself to be on the point of doing so, and the realist philosophers of the conquered nations were preparing to acknowledge this and to excuse it, when the Battle of Britain and Stalingrad threw him back on the path of death and set history once more on the march.”

The Future cannot be predicted and it is unlikely to be divinely ordained and be fulfilled as a prophecy… but it can be seized.  The reason that the Future is so uncertain is that those living in the Present are uncertain of how to face it.

This is especially true when society’s leadership class lets go of the rudder of the ship of state, causing it to either run aground on the shoals of war or economic upheaval or, more likely, allow some more dangerously ruthless leader to seize hold of its direction.

The Kings and Emperors took their hands off the rudder of the ship of state and it was seized by their generals and their political ministers; the pacifist idealist politicians of the 1920s and the Appeasers of the 1930s let it go and it was seized by the Fascist and Communist dictators; the Fascist dictators thought they could freeze the Present they controlled and forestall the Future from arriving before it came to them in all its power in the form of the military and economic dominance of America and her Allies; the Americans, under a series of corrupt or weak or feckless leaders lost faith in themselves in the 1970s and almost became convinced that they didn’t deserve to control the direction of the Present or the shape of the Future, but were saved from this fate by Reagan’s strong hand on the rudder; the Soviets and their puppet regimes never realized that the rudder they thought they had firmly in their hands had fully come off the ship, leaving the entire failed system bankrupt, nonfunctional and adrift.

With this in mind, let us nonetheless indulge in the luxury of forecasting events in the not-too-distant future of 30 years from today.  Let us keep in mind that just as the worlds of 1895, 1915, 1945, 1975 and 2005 were very different and sometimes almost unrecognizable from the world those living through those dates thought would look 30 years later, so will this future world look to us in the Present… though, given current trends that absolutely already exist today… we should not be too skeptical of the possibility. Again, the only thing that is certain about the Future is its uncertainty.

San Francisco, 2051

After another fruitless day trying to find the occasional gig work that barely keeps him alive, ZeSmith dejectedly walks home.  The streets he travels on are covered in the ugly, indecipherable graffiti that he has been told is “art” and are strewn with un-picked up garbage, human waste and discarded drug paraphernalia.  As he passes the boarded up and burnt-out stores that were abandoned after some long-forgotten riot, he sees the usual group of dazed, homeless vagrants hovering nearby.  He also tries to avoid the even more dangerous bands of violent criminals without conscience who lurk in the shadows as he desperately hopes he can get back to his dwelling place safely without his dirty, reusable canvas bag of weekly Government World food rations and his meager guaranteed minimum wage card being stolen from him.  He knows that the prospect of the Social Justice Officers arriving in time to de-escalate any attack and save him from harm is non-existent, as is any sense of public safety since the police were defunded and then disbanded decades ago as being too dangerous to minorities to be trusted with enforcing the law.

ZeSmith is lucky enough to be renting a compartment in a former city bus. He and 3 others “live” in subdivided compartments that are attached to the spotty public power outlet provided several hours each day by Government World so that he can run his computer, his lights and his meager kitchen utilities in between the daily rolling blackouts.  Public water, toilet and showering facilities are down the block and always seem to be either broke or under repair due to the rampant public vandalism that always comes with a widespread lack of personal property.  Ever since fossil fuel use was criminalized there existed a permanent inadequacy of power. Dependent on the insufficient outputs of solar, wind and the new, untested hydrogen technologies mandated to “protect Gaia” these “ecologically sound” power sources were only available on a consistent basis to the Elites who could afford the high cost.

ZeSmith reflected on the fact that, between the sketchy and totally inadequate public welfare provided by the state and the occasional “gig” work he procured as a programmer for Tech World, he could barely manage to eke out a living.  Even so, as wretched as his situation is compared to his parent’s generation, it is still better than that of those who have access to nothing but the scraps passed out by Government World.  These types remain on the streets or wind up in jail or find themselves living out their shortened lives inside their own self-incarcerated prisons of drugs and crime and electronic virtual reality.

He doesn’t complain about his situation because he fears the repercussions of such an anti-social act. Complaints against Government World would result in his welfare benefits being cancelled, his health benefits cancelled, his travel passes cancelled, his internet access cancelled and his gig work permit cancelled. Social stagnation has been such a part of his life for so long that he doesn’t even know what upward mobility means and simply assumes that this is the only possible reality for the vast majority of people who live outside the Corporate, Government, Media and Tech World elites.

As he lies down on the abandoned couch he found where he sleeps, he accesses Media World on his computer, which somehow always makes him feel that he is the one responsible for the poverty and social rot he simply takes for granted as normal.

If only, the beautiful and clean Media World newsreader was saying, people like him weren’t so greedy and selfish they would happily pay more taxes to achieve their “fair share” of the social welfare burden; then those who were worse off could enjoy more of the basics of life.  Government World, she reported, was asking so little and yet it had to put up with those who had no social conscience.  If only people worked harder to help out the less fortunate, things would be much better.  If only they appreciated how hard the leaders of Corporate World, Tech World, Media World and Government World were working for them to have an ever more free and prosperous life, things would improve, soon… soon… soon…

ZeSmith’s mind wandered as he quickly tuned out this endlessly repeated meme that was belied by the eternally threadbare existence all around him; but try as he might, he found that he couldn’t put his thoughts into words or context that expressed his frustration.  He was the product of a public, multicultural, politically correct school system, which stressed that conformity was good and that thinking critically was criminally anti-social.  He has few communications or writing skills and has no knowledge of the literature, art or rich culture that his civilization had produced in the past; but he was trained to do the sort of low-level programming that allowed him to procure the type of “gig work” occasionally required by the Tech World elite.

He has no heroes to emulate, no history to refer to, no myths to inspire him, no home to protect, no gender solidarity to find solace in, no nation to belong to, no ultimate truth to believe in and no GOD to worship.  All were deemed anti-social and extirpated from acceptable society decades ago.  He has been taught that there is only Right Now and if the future exists at all, it’s nature will be revealed to him by those he serves at work and as a digital citizen in one of the four “worlds” that run his life.  He has no idea what is past, what is passing or what’s to come.  He has no say in the matter, nor does he even consider the critical idea that he should.

Too poor to care for anyone but himself, he lives alone.  He has no mate, no family and no friends.  As it is looked on as dawdling on the job by his employers in Tech World, he hardly ever speaks to anyone face to face either at work or after, and his social interactions are almost all virtual.  He plays games and texts with people online who he never meets and his only sexual outlets are the computer-generated fantasies that he programs to his tastes.  The very concept of personal interaction strikes him with almost as much revulsion as he and all his contemporaries feel toward children and the elderly.

Although the State aborts and euthanizes as many of these parasites as possible and then profits off the sale of their body parts, ZeSmith knows from his schooling that reproduction without social purpose is a selfish act that serves no Government World need.  It is viewed as a waste of resources, of which the transnational progressive elite very much disapproves.  It interferes with business.  It creates more mouths to feed for a welfare system that is already collapsing under the load.  Worst of all, it represents competition and distraction from the goals demanded by the World Elite for the digital serfs that labor for them in their ugly, cyclopean office buildings of glass and steel as well as on their vast, well-manicured Corporate Manor “Campuses.”

Like most people in his society, ZeSmith is the product of a single parent unit supplemented by public day care centers. This is because Government World considers Family to be an incubator for anti-social thoughts including many of the prohibited “-isms,” and “-phobias,” – including individualism, capitalism, sexism, cis-genderism, private life and “racism” practiced against politically protected groups – which have all been criminalized.  Complaining about such laws results in being charged with hate-speech and hate-thought, which are even bigger crimes and which will certainly result in the dreaded penalty of “cancelling.”

He wonders if the womyn in the next bus compartment, ZherJones, is also considering the same bleak atomization of her own life and if they might find some comfort by sharing their misery.  But he never speaks to her because he is unsure how she gender-identifies. The myriad, intersectional rules concerning social interaction between genders confuses him to no end so he simply avoids any such interaction.  In turn, she shuns him as do many of her kind, who have been taught that all men are violent, potential rapists who seek to dominate them.

She has been taught that association with men may lead to children and that would make her life immeasurably more difficult.  Her own drives had caused her to dangerously ignore this advice in the past, but she avoided its consequences several times by taking the Sacrament of Abortion at the Government World Womyn’s Health Clinic.  Seeking to avoid having to exercise her Right to Reproductive Freedom again, she instead simply changed her gender and now finds transitory relief in virtual reality pornography sites.  Like ZeSmith, she accesses the same shallow and meaningless “pleasure” it provides.  Both ZeSmith and ZherJones have no frame of reference to compare their lives to, and so also simply accept that there is no other way to live.

But what about after life is over?

Corporate, Government, Media and Tech World demand that they must trust in Science, not in a GOD that Settled Science says doesn’t exist.  Instead, there is Gaia and it is the ecology of the Earth itself that should be worshiped… regardless of the fact that Corporate / Government / Media / Tech World has presided over an environment that is as polluted for the masses as it is pristine for the sheltered and privileged World Elites.  They, of course, can afford to avoid the consequences of committing crimes against Gaia by purchasing “Carbon Credit” indulgences from Corporate / Government / Media / Tech World.

ZeSmith and ZherJones simply go on as did their ancestors in 1100 A.D. went on, except that they have even been deprived of any spiritual reserves to fall back on or GOD to pray to because they have no spirituality outside of the empty, ludicrous neo-paganism they pretend to believe in to avoid cancellation.

As prisoners in the stasis of the eternal Now, adrift in History without liberty or prosperity or progeny or prospect for improvement or even prayer to GOD for hope and salvation, their lives are spent enriching those who impoverish them and oppress them and spy on them and control them… and detest them as expendable “inferiors” and “deplorables” in this new, Digital Dark Age…

It may surprise some who have just read the above that all… all… the wretched situations and circumstances described above already exist, albeit in less lurid and extreme forms, in today’s world.

The upward mobility and material progress that are hallmarks of the Middle Class are on the decline (FT)  “The middle and working classes are expected to become marginal… Everyone else will come to subsist on some combination of part-time entrepreneurial ‘gig work’ and governmental aid” (“The Coming of Neo-Feudalism” by Joel Kotkin, Encounter Books, 2020, pg. 34 – 35).

Education and an Objective Press have been replaced with one sided Leftwing propaganda (Kotkin, 2020, pg 64; pg 93).

Many cities, including NYC, Portland and Seattle are acquiring a very similar look in terms of poverty, homelessness, crime, urban decay, and nihilistic violence. (Justice. gov)

Cities like Chicago are criminal war zones. (Numbeo)

Personal spirituality is on the wane (PRRI Research) and personal loneliness is on the rise in the form of an atomized population with increasing alienation between men and women.  “What is emerging is a post-familial society, in which marriage and family no longer play a central role.  In the United States, the rate of single parenthood has grown from 10 percent in 1960 to over 40 percent today… more than a quarter of households in 2015 were single-person households.  In places like New York city, that figure is estimated at nearly half.” (Kotkin 2020, p 96 – 97).  This situation “appears to incubate not only an aversion to having children, but also difficulty in relations with the opposite sex” (Kotkin 2020, p 141).

Of course, all this is to be presided over and controlled by the mega-wealthy New Robber Barons who control the Mega-Corporations and Big Tech, who lord it over the gig-worker serfs that toil in their corporate skyscrapers and on their self-contained Manor-Campuses around the country.

“With traditional family-friendly housing out of reach for all but the wealthiest people, most tech employees will live in something like dormitories, perhaps into their thirties… housing costs have soared too high for most to have a chance to break out of renting… executives… are not expecting their employees to aspire to buy a house to raise children.  Instead, they prefer workaholic employees who embrace a modern form of ’monasticism’” (Kotkin, 2020, p 146 – 147).

With the cost of housing out of reach, gig workers will have been reduced to living at the homes of friends or in their cars or in homeless shelters (Kotkin 2020, p 133).

But complaint is out of the question; Big Tech’s increasing monitoring of individual life will provide the control necessary to enforce compliance and prevent revolt.  Such control, through the granting and revocation of “social credits,” will be severe.

With its ability to monitor all one’s transactions and interactions – purchases, sales, friends, emails, phone calls, travel destinations, banking transactions, criminal records regarding transgressions both major and minor, tastes (sexual or otherwise) and public comments criticizing those in authority – Big Tech is capable of an intrusion into and control of one’s life that makes Orwell’s nightmare vision of “1984” look tame.  Ubiquitous cameras empowered with facial recognition software will eviscerate privacy to such an extent that one will not even be able to remain anonymous in a crowd.

But all this is not science fiction; it is science fact and it is going on right now in the border-to-border prison that is the People’s Republic of China. (Mosher, Steve W. 2019, May 18 “China’s new ‘social credit system is a dystopian nightmare (NY Post)

If San Francisco 2051 is a possible Future, it’s because it is one that already very much exists, albeit in lesser – though growing – intensity, in the Present.

There is only one way to face the Future: to make sure you steer the Present to the destination you want to occupy when it arrives.  Unless we want to wallow in the Long Dark Age of neo-feudalism that the Elites are preparing for all of us, especially the Millennials and GenZ generations who will bear the brunt of the assault and who will suffer the worst consequences of failing to defeat it, we must work to make sure we steer ourselves to a Future that doesn’t lead straight into the maelstrom the Elites have conjured up and placed in our path.

The choice is stark; he who is too timid to play the part of the hammer that shapes the Future must be satisfied to play the part of the serf receiving the blows upon the anvil of the Present.

Of course, serfdom has its consolations for the weak: it satisfies the urge to be released from responsibility for oneself, to give up one’s Will and be submerged into the indolent collective mass, to know the happiness of the lackey’s soul, freed from the demands of decision and duty and all the other cares that such drones stupidly trust will be taken care of by the Master Elites in the Government, Media, Tech and Corporate “worlds” who, in actuality, have enslaved them and despise them as inferior “deplorables” that are of little consequence.

To these Elites, the people are simply cannon fodder for class war against the traditional order they seek to overthrow and its appeal is to those who failed to gain admittance to the class to which they aspired.  Those the Elites enlist in class warfare mostly consist of frustrated bourgeoise who hate that to which they failed to merit or achieve.  The same applies to the media scribblers and the social justice lawyers, the Hollywood prostitutes and the political hacks, the leftwing apostates in the clergy and the radicalized professoriate who preach violent revolution to those they have ill-educated from the safety of their Ivory Towers.  Class warfare is the idealization of overthrow; it is not the construction of anything new but the obliteration of that which exists.  It is a dystopian program that is designed to offer unfulfillable bribes to those who are angry and frustrated with their inability to succeed on their own and who seek to dull their sense of impotency by multiplying themselves in the mass of their fellow angry incompetents.

It is an aim without a destination; it is panem et circences; it is the demonization of success, merit and achievement; it is Nihilistic destruction.

It is the Will-to-Nothing.

The current condition of things is an anarchic intermezzo that seeks the final destruction of the Constitutional Republic of the recent Past by way of the false, saccharin promises of a “Democratic Socialist” Present… and which attempts to disguise the brute, poverty wracked Neo-Fascist Future the Elites actually seek to create.

Once the rudder of national control falls into the hands of the transnational plutocratic elites, its policies will cease to protect the national interest of the citizens.  Instead; they will create policies that serve the interests of those elites, which entails a declension into class warfare that is ironically waged by the very people at the bottom of society whom the Tranzi Elite has dispossessed in pursuit of corporatist goals (such as their one-sided trade deals) that bring them transnational profits.  The consequence is the further annihilation of the Nation itself and an increase in the authoritarian measures that the Elite will require to maintain control.

Is there anyone who has lived through the increasingly severe and authoritarian “COVID lockdowns” who still thinks this is a fantasy?

The ultimate result is San Francisco 2051: an overturned ship of state where the struggle continues on the exposed and tottering keel of the boat, upon which fewer and fewer scramble to survive as more and more are drowned in the ocean of crisis all around them.  Such a bleak Future is the end result of a society that has rejected that which made it great, powerful and wealthy: Ordered Liberty, Capitalism and traditional social values.

When the engine of wealth is destroyed and riches are concentrated only among the Elites who survive by stealing what is left in the name of redistributing it to “the People,” San Francisco 2051 becomes the sordid reality beneath the empty WOKE Socialist rhetoric… but no one sees it.  In fact, with the help of the Fake News in the Enemedia and the increasingly dangerous threat of Cancel Culture, no one dares to see it.

“San Francisco 2051” is simply the culmination of an already existing trend that ends with the apotheosis of the Mob and the romanticism of the “Government Expert”; it is the realization of the anti-Paradise of Collectively Experienced Failure.

If nothing is done to seize control of the direction of the ship of state and alter it, it will become set on its course… and, once fixed, its hideous destination won’t be easily avoided.

The time for debate and discussion is ending; those Millennials and Gen-Zs who can marshal the Will to do so must become political warriors who can take control of the rudder from those whose goal is to grind them into powerless, enslaved serfs living in a wasteland.

They must realize that in a world of militarized politics, they are no longer seen simply the “foe” of the Left – that is, a “clean” opponent that can be negotiated and come to terms with in a modus vivendi – but as an existentially despised enemy of the Left, not only to be hated personally but to be subjected to a public hatred that begins with slander, proceeds to ostracism and ends in removal from society via cancellation in one form… or another.

To avoid this fate, the generations on the frontline must chart their own course to a Future of Ordered Liberty, which they will have to fight for to create.

For what the individual will not do for himself, History will do to him.


Messrs. MacGuffie and Stark are authors of the new book “The Seventh Crisis – Why Millennials Must Re-Establish Ordered Liberty,” Seventh Crisis which seeks to offer the Millennial and Gen-Z generations a way out of the dangerous crisis they currently face.


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Booji Boy's CB Radio
Booji Boy's CB Radio
2 years ago

Stable societies are a construct of the white male patriarchy and the Bladerunner, Robocop, Mad Max future, will be utopian. (sarc)
Maybe a way will be found to harness the poop or shoplifted items in San Franland into a Beyond Thunderdome paradise and the face mask pollution in the bay could be figured out by then.
The cultish Idiocracy crystal ball documentary from Mike Judge shows a society that can’t even pick up the trash anymore or devolution.