Warning Signs in the Instructions to the Kyle Rittenhouse Jury


On Friday, the judge, prosecution, and defense went over and agreed upon the instructions that would be given to the Kyle Rittenhouse jury on Monday.

Judge Schroeder, who is presiding over the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, will allow the prosecution to tell the jury in closing statements that Rittenhouse “provoked” the confrontation with Joseph Rosenbaum. The prosecution used video introduced on Thursday to convince the judge.

The prosecutors presented no evidence that the shootings were anything but self-defense. However, the provocation angle eliminates the self-defense argument. They spent hours on it this morning, and repeatedly reviewed a video clip that purports to show Rittenhouse at one point raising his gun. The prosecution had a drone video clip and enhanced images to show the moment Rittenhouse allegedly held his gun up, seemingly at  Joshua Ziminski, who the defense didn’t even call to testify because of his checkered past and bad behavior that evening.

The prosecution wants the jury to believe Rittenhouse provoked Rosenbaum.

The judge and the attorneys had to look at the video over and over to make sense of it, and the images look indecipherable to me.

The gun charge is still included but the jury can decide that there will be no criminal liability attached to it.

Judge Schroeder said Friday he might allow the jury to consider lesser charges in addition to the murder charges the prosecutors brought. He will rule on Saturday.

The prosecution is attempting to send Kyle Rittenhouse to prison for life for shooting three ‘protesters’ [rioters] in Kenosha, killing two.

Judge Schroeder made certain Kyle Rittenhouse understood the ramifications of the charges.

The lesser charges could include reckless homicide or second-degree rather than first-degree murder. Second-degree homicide does not require proof that the teen exhibited an “utter disregard” for life.

They only apply to the death of Mr. Huber who hit Rittenhouse over the head twice with a skateboard and the wounding of Mr. Grosskreutz  who aimed a gun at Rittenhouse’s head. The Judge will not consider a lesser charge in the case of Mr. Rosenbaum.

A Daily Caller cameraman, Richie McGinnis, testified that Rosenbaum was reaching to grab Rittenhouse’s gun when he was shot. McGinnis said he saw Rosenbaum lunge at Rittenhouse. Another journalist who videotaped, Drew Hernandez, said Thursday that Rosenbaum charged Rittenhouse from behind before the shooting occurred.

“The first thing I did identify was that Rosenbaum was charging Kyle Rittenhouse from behind. And as he’s charging him into the Car Source parking lot, a firearm goes off,” Hernandez said.

Closing arguments begin on Monday.

There are so many charges and so many ways to look at them in this highly-charged politicized trial, they might well convict Kyle Rittenhouse of at least one of the charges, despite the lack of evidence.

The Charges

  • Count 1: First Degree Reckless Homicide (Joseph Rosenbaum)
  • Count 2: First-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety (Richard McGinnis)
  • Count 3: First Degree Intentional Homicide (Anthony Huber)
  • Count 4: Attempt First Degree Intentional Homicide (Gaige Grosskreutz)
  • Count 5: First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety (“Jump Kick Man”)
  • Count 6:  Possession of a Dangerous Weapon by a Person Under 18
  • Now, we also have the provocation allegation.



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Brian Richard Allen
Brian Richard Allen
7 months ago

If the judge remains as impeccably objective as he has, thus far, remained, he will direct the jury to multiple acquittals.

Mr Rittenhouse: 99, (Malicious) Prosecution: Zip.

Jury Nullification
Jury Nullification
7 months ago

“…only a moron who is unarmed tries to attack a armed individual.” Yeah, just like Ahmaud Arbery and yet, there is a trial there too.

Justice system is 2 tiered and clearly broken already for those of you making this case out to be the conclusive evidence to what is an already established fact. This case would simply be another example.

7 months ago

Allowing the jury to consider lesser charges is a reason for appeal if convicted. The charges have been brought and that is what he should be tried on. Just because the state can’t prove their case shouldn’t mean the court can add charges just to get some kind of conviction (another reason for appeal).
OT – how could Derek Chauvin be charged with 3 different types of murder? Because they wanted to get SOME kind of conviction. Reason for appeal. Jury intimidation. Reason for appeal.

jack johnson
jack johnson
7 months ago

They can argue provocation all they want….only a moron who is unarmed tries to attack a armed individual. The child raper got what he deserved.

Many tout the braveness of this judge, I think he is a coward. The judge caught someone filming the members of the jury, most likely to harass or attack after the trial. There are people, you can guess their race, that are on social media threatening the jurors. Yet this coward of a judge didn`t have the guts to dismiss this ridiculous case and let the jurors off the hook.

7 months ago

If Kyle is found innocent, TS will hit the fan and ANTIFA and BLM will go back to doing what they do best which is burn down everything around them. If he is found guilty, Conservatives should do the same thing, but bring guns to take out any anarchist.

If that jury puts Kyle in prison, it will then tell you that our justice system is so corrupted and broken, that we can no longer trust in that system such that patriots may have to take the law into their own hands in a SHTF scenario.

Alej Marcos
Alej Marcos
7 months ago
Reply to  Forearmed

Absolutely agree. “The law” is not sacred… it is, anywhere on earth, throughout history, whatever rulers designate to control a population. Wisconsin law seems to be somewhat twisted as regards the Rittenhouse situation, detailing the”rights” of miscreants as much as anything.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
– John Adams

John wouldn’t recognize American society today.

America needs millions of Kyle Rittenhouses today, and in fact has them… American veterans put on boots and picked up rifles and stood up for their country thousands of miles from home, and will do so again on their own soil when provoked enough, as the current administration is toying with.

Jury Nullification
Jury Nullification
7 months ago
Reply to  Alej Marcos

Agreed. The problem is that conservatives treat the law like it is sacred. It is how they justify not taking action.