Investigation Connecting Maricopa County, AZ  to Fulton County, GA


‘Investigation Connecting Maricopa County, AZ  to Fulton County, GA’ 

According to @VoteLizHarris, there is a ballot harvesting operation out of Litchfield, Arizona that is tied to Fulton County Georgia.

Evidence to Soon Be Presented to Citizens Grand Jury of Interstate Conspiracy to Manufacture/Harvest Counterfeit Ballots in AZ for Use in GA 2020 Election

There are eyewitness accounts of ballot manufacturing and harvesting operations in Arizona during and after the 2020 U.S. general election. The evidence is now being brought before a ‘We The People’ case using a ‘citizens grand jury’ in Georgia.  The evidence suggests that ballots were sent from Arizona to Georgia.

The following is an excerpt from a statement by retired police officer Gerald Buglione taken on Monday, July 19th, 2021. Mr. Buglione resides in Arizona and will testify before the Grand Jury.

He will say that in September of 2020 a company called Fieldworks LLC rented two ballrooms for six weeks preceding the 2020 presidential election, as part of my duties I was to check on and secure all hotel facilities and ballrooms.

During their time there, I observed people constantly moving in and out of the ballrooms and they were moving boxes back and forth in and out. The ballrooms were filled with computers and workers and boxes of voting ballots.  One day there was a Federal express package at the desk for them and I delivered it to the ballroom, no one was at the door so I went in looking for someone when I went into the ballroom with the package I saw voting ballots loaded in bins, the room was filled with them.

I was then approached by a field worker group and they told me I was not allowed to be in there. I told them I was bringing them a package. They took the package and told me to leave.

These were the same boxes that they were wheeling in and out the whole time, I then found out that they were hiring workers from Arizona to drive to Georgia and work there.

Also, the Fieldworks group was working strange hours, coming in extra early and parking with immunity, not following any of the rules.

Based on my experience in investigations and what I knew about the presidential election I believed this was election fraud and ballot harvesting.

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