Iran Attacks US Base! Russia Attacks Base Near Poland


We are getting closer to full-scale war involving Russia and possibly Iran, but Joe Biden remains silent. Two assaults that took place last night are extremely dangerous in that they are getting the US and NATO closer to war.

An unprecedented attack of 12 ballistic missiles traveled from Iran’s Tabriz Air Base 171 miles to a US base and consulate in Erbil, Iraq. It wasn’t an ordinary attack. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard are behind it. The rockets were sent on the same time Soleimani was killed (1:20 am) and it’s the weekend of his birthday.

The Iranians are suggesting it was an attack on Israel, but that’s a ruse. It’s a badly concealed cover for an attack on the United States.

They missed the targets but it is a warning.

At the same time, Joe Biden is going ahead with the nuke deal and a multi-billion dollar payoff. Three of his negotiators resigned because they said the deal would severely compromise national security.

The silence from Joe Biden and the White House is deafening.

Yavoriv military base

Also, last night, Russia attacked Ukraine’s Yavoriv military base only 20 km from NATO and Poland. At least 20 people are dead, many are wounded from the more than 30 missiles Russia launched into the base. It was hit because NATO allegedly trained peacekeeping forces in this base and kept weapons there.

A NATO Official said there are no NATO personnel in Ukraine and the attack was unjustified.

It doesn’t matter. The message was sent.

That attack follows a warning by Russia that they will target any convoys delivering weapons to Ukraine. This is as the US Senate is demanding Joe Biden send MiGs to Ukraine.


Over this weekend, Saudi Arabia executed 81 terrorists, and 50 of them were Shias. As a result, Iran broke over relations with Saudi Arabia.

Iran is a hair’s breadth away from obtaining the bomb. They already have the long-range missiles.

We are facing wars breaking out throughout the world and Joe Biden hasn’t said a word. He has not condemned the attack on the US in Erbil yet.


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