Iran Chants, “Death to Israel, Death to America,” and Our Borders Are Open


The attack on Israel is a well-planned, well-orchestrated attack, and it appears to be revolutionary. We gave Iran $6 billion, and they are behind this attack. The militants are parachuting in, charging in on motorcycles, boating in, and they’ve opened up the gates in the wall. The soldiers guarding the wall are missing.

The Taliban has stated today they will “conquer Jerusalem” if Middle Eastern countries grant them passage to Israel.

Lebanon is warning that Hezbollah might become involved.

As you watch this, consider that our borders are wide open, and we have people from this area of the world pouring in, and most of the millions who have poured in are single military-age men. Now consider that a similar thing could happen here.

Our open borders are a national security threat.

Palestine Square claims it is a revolution. Palestine Square in Tehran: “The Great Liberation Operation has begun.”

They are parading innocent people around Gaza, and their fate will be terrible.

As this goes on, Iran’s Parliament chants, “Death to Israel, Death to America,” and our borders are open.

The young woman in this clip was just gang raped. Think about our open borders and the freakish people coming in.

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