Iran has shrine lickers to stop coronavirus


The coronavirus which is becoming a significant problem in Iran has driven some irrational Iranians to lick the doors of shrines that allegedly spread the virus. The defiant Iranians, who are licking shrine entrances, say on video that they “don’t care what happens” if they catch it. They think it will stop the virus. They all need lessons in germs.

Iran is allegedly underreporting the number of cases and has a shortage of masks and test kits.

Trucks are spraying disinfectant along streets and other public areas. So licking makes sense beause…?

The top adviser to the Ayatollah, Mohammad Mirmohammadi, 71, just died from coronavirus.  It is allegedly the 66th death if you can believe them.

Some of these people appear to be living in the 7th century. Oh, well, I did have a grandmother who threw salt over her shoulder to ward off bad luck.

One of the lickers calls for death to those who didn’t come that day to lick the shrines. Uh, maybe the opposite will come true?


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