Scott Pelley Corrects Shameless Bloomberg’s Lie


Michael Bloomberg blatantly lied on ’60 Minutes’ and said the President called coronavirus a  hoax. CBS is trying to sound a bit more legit these days and that is possibly why Scott Pelley called him on it. Pelley explained that the President was calling the Democrats’ politicization of it a hoax.

The shameless liar Bloomberg just kept talking without apology as if Pelley never said a word.

Bloomberg then claimed Trump is “ignorant and irresponsible” for not “standing up and be the leader and say ‘we don’t know, but we have to prepare for the fact that if it is, we have the medicines and the structure and the knowledge to deal with it.'”

What is he talking about? It is exactly what the President and his team have said. The former mayor of New York City is disgusting and despicable.

Bloomberg should know that Trump’s followers aren’t as dumb as his and won’t be fooled by him.

He also gets points off for being a complete bore.


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