Iranian Proxies Launch A Retaliatory Attack After US Retaliates


An Iranian proxy killed an American with a drone on Thursday, prompting the US to launch air strikes in Syria later in the day.

The U.S. military carried out several precision airstrikes in Syria on Thursday, reportedly killing eight Iranians, in retaliation for the strike on the coalition base. The strike killed one American contractor. It wounded five service members and another U.S. contractor. The proxy forces have now retaliated in return.

The Defense Department said Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps crashed a UAV into a building near Hasakah in northeast Syria at approximately 1:38 p.m. on Thursday.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition war monitor, two American strikes killed at least eight Iranian fighters.

Iran proxy forces launched about seven rockets targeting a U.S. base in Northeast Syria today in retaliation to the U.S., a defense official confirms to Fox News.

The first assessments showed no U.S. casualties or damage to the base near the Al-Omar oil field.

The rocket attacks came after President Biden ordered a series of retaliatory strikes.

Do we need to be in Syria?

This is fairly typical of the fighting in Syria.

Our troops are there to protect freedom coalitions and to keep ISIS from growing.


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10 months ago

They need to put a sea whizz in the middle of camp.

10 months ago

Friends come and go, but Enemies Accumulate. Traitor Joe is accumulating a lot of Enemies very quickly.

Our Enemies smell Blood in the Water. They know we can’t keep supporting our grossly oversized and bloated Government. We have spent the equivalent of a quarter of our defense budget supporting a Failed and Corrupt Ukraine. We are spending upwards of 160 Billion while Russia spends half as much. Russia has no National Debt and now has China as an ally. They also know the out military is so addicted to high tech that we don’t have any cost effective weapons. So our enemies will take us down one pin prick at a time. They will use things like cheap throw away drones to trigger a multi-million dollar response.

History will write that a rag tag group of Saudis took down America beginning with an attack on 11 Sept 2001. The cost of the attack was under 1 Million Dollars. It Triggered a 20 year False Flag War that America couldn’t afford, it cost the US over 28 Trillion Dollars if you use the National Debt as the gauge. After 20 years of Deficit Spending to pay for that War, the United States was in Financial Trouble. Then in 2020, a Mishandled Virus Outbreak Response and subsequent economic down turn, coupled with a Government that was addicted to Deficit Spending, the US Dollar Failed. The Nation then Collapsed!

That is the History we are writing. Granted that President Trump misjudged the treachery of the Deep State and initially Mishandled the Corona Virus. Trump quickly made corrections, but after Deep State Democrats stole the 2020 Elections, Traitor Joe Biden actively set up the crash of what was left of the US Economy. It’s amazing that the destruction of America was due to Weak Idealistic Presidents of Both Parties and the 2020 Election was Stolen to stop an America First President. While Joe McCarthy warned us of the Communist in our Government, the fall started with the Assassination of JFK when he tried to corral the Deep State. After that only Nixon, and Trump tried to stop the Deep State. History will see all the others from LBJ to Biden as Traitors! (Including Reagan) I’m not sure the USA will last until 2025 any longer! America can not take on the whole World!

Last edited 10 months ago by GuvGeek
The Prisoner
The Prisoner
10 months ago

Our USA government is the current greatest cause of instability in the world, and also internally.

We helped ISIS grow in the Obama years, this increased the funding and importance of our intel/DoD agencies. One time we left over 2300 armored HUMVEES for ISIS to take. An analogy exists with disease and pharma/NIH/CDC. They create and/or invent a disease, then gain enormous power.