Hospital Admissions Double


New Zealand’s 2020 Excess Diseases

DATA from the New Zealand Ministry of Health revealed a 103 percent increase in hospitalizations among 12 disease categories measured in 2021 following the mRNA rollout. Read the article here.

This calls into serious question the safety of medical interventions such as mRNA vaccines. They penetrate the cell wall and re-program activity in the cell cytoplasm.

There is relatively little COVID in 2020, so how do you pin it on “long COVID.”

The UK Where Almost No One in Parliament Is Listening

In the UK, MP Andrew Bridgen again attempted to capture the attention of the House of Commons about severe injury and death following Covid vaccination.

Brigden explained that COVID vaccines make about a thousand people ill enough to send them to the hospital in order to prevent one hospitalization from COVID. He mentioned that the members of the committee approving vaccines in the UK own a billion pounds’ worth of vaccine company shares between them.

In the clip at about 24:05, Bridgen refers to the Florida incidences of harm since people became vaccinated.

Florida Surgeon General Joseph A. Ladapo said a new Lancet study shows anyone who got the vaccine is more likely to contract COVID-19 than someone who did not get vaccinated.

While speaking at a press conference with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who appointed Ladapo in 2021, the surgeon general claimed that the mRNA vaccines “have a terrible safety profile” and said he was “not sure anyone should be taking them” anymore.

He said the study in The Lancet showed protection from infection around 70% plummeting within seven months to “the other side of the axis, right, so it is negative, and that continues.”

“And the magnitude of that negativity increases over time,” Ladapo continued. “What does that mean, folks? It literally means that the people who received that vaccine were more likely to contract COVID-19 after seven months than the people who did not. That is a fact.”

The AP said his assessment was misleading. “The observational study out of Qatar found that people who received a booster shot with the original vaccine formulation had overall lower rates of infection than those with only two doses over the course of a year. It also found those who were boosted were 75% less likely to experience severe COVID-19. The report did find higher infection rates among the boosted specifically after seven months, but outside experts said the study doesn’t doesn’t prove the vaccines are biologically increasing recipients’ risk of infection.” [emphasis added]

After trying to refute what Dr. Lapado said, the AP added:

After month seven, those who received the booster shot had a higher incidence of infection than those with only two doses — the finding that Lapado homed in on.

The authors suggested that finding may be due to a biological phenomenon. In short, they theorized that the increased infection totals among the boosted may be because their immune systems were attempting to fight new variants by targeting the old form of the virus used in the original vaccines.

In other words, they will always find some nebulous reason that doesn’t go back to the vaccines. Why won’t they at least consider that the vaccines are causing the problem?

Is anyone studying that fact?

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
10 months ago

Spike protein injections lead to spike protein related illnesses.

The PCR fake test did not, of course, detect spike proteins. The CDC and NIH created a scare with the purpose of forcing/tricking people into getting the spike protein injected.

He is a fine surgeon general. It’s the best thing DeSantis did, to appoint him. (There has been no penalty yet experienced by Disney, nor any other action of significance by DeSantis to fight against sexual abuse of children. DeSantis is falling, due to hot air. Gaetz is the young leader in the republican party.)