The Pending French Revolution 2023


It’s starting to look like a revolution in France. Nationwide strikes and protests from some of France’s leading unions are underway against a highly controversial pensions reform plan that has seen millions come out on the streets against it.

His cabinet says the changes are essential to prevent the pension system from falling into deficit and younger people from carrying the burden. The unions say small increases in contributions could resolve the problem.

The unions drive these latest protests. They say they are protecting pensions. That’s not the whole story. Many people on the streets are opposed to capitalism. Only what France has is not capitalism. It’s a perverted version of it.

Some protesters are on the streets because Macron used article 49.3 to push the reforms through 11 times. It’s an abuse of power the French don’t want. They say he is acting like a dictator. French are unhappy about NATO, the war, pandemic restrictions, and the globalist overreach, but we don’t know how much that weighs into this.

Pundit and Newsmax host Benny Johnson said, “The sum of all fears for globalist technocrats is happening RIGHT NOW in France. The French firefighters and riot police have now JOINED the protesters to stand against tyrant World Economic Forum muppet Emanuel Macron. Globalists on life support. Coming to your city soon…”

We don’t know if the riot is about that at its core since we don’t have people on the ground, but Macron is involved in the World Economic Forum. And the French people demand to be heard.  Using emergency powers to force through reforms or ideology is what Biden is doing to the USA. Biden’s destroying the nation.


French President Emmanuel Macron stands by his controversial pension reform in his first public remarks since pushing the measure through without lawmakers’ approval. He moved the retirement age from 62 to 64 using an emergency rule.

During a televised interview on Wednesday, Macron insisted that his only mistake was “failing to convince people” of its merits.

“When I started working, there were ten million retirees; today, there are 17 million, and by 2030 there will be 20 million,” he said. “Do you really think we can continue with the same rules?”

The president criticized his predecessors, saying he “could sweep the dust under the rug like many before,” but instead had opted to take the heat for the long-overdue changes.

“This reform is not a luxury or a pleasure; it’s a necessity for the country,” Macron said.

“If I have to shoulder unpopularity today, I shoulder it,” Macron said, ready to be unpopular.


Macron dismissed allegations he is undemocratic by invoking Article 49.3 of France’s constitution. He called protesters undemocratic, denouncing violent riots.

“When groups, as they have this week, use violence without any rules because they are not happy with something, then that is no longer a democracy,” Macron said.

The cabinet almost fell this past week.

A Constitutional Council could overturn the reform, though most think that unlikely.


In an address at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum in Thailand in November 2022, Macron said that the world needs “a single global order” to deal with the trade conflict between Communist China and the United States. He said it is a situation that Macron bemoaned as forcing other countries to choose sides.

We have a US dictator, and that one-ruler idea doesn’t seem to work. He’s pushing us into wars we will likely lose.

Elected president of France in May 2017 on the “Renaissance” Party ticket, Macron had previously been a member of the Socialist Party. While he has rebranded himself with a different political party, his dedication to the cause of world government — a goal that has been a socialist cornerstone since at least the days of Karl Marx — is evident.


Is he acting like a dictator? He doesn’t think so.

Radio Genova pointed out that Macron makes his statements wearing an € 80,000 watch. He was foolish.

Some firefighters and police are joining the protesters and rioters, making it look more like a potential revolution than protests.

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ronald J kozlowski
ronald J kozlowski
10 months ago

Just think. We are witnessing the 1st modern western nation to maybe fall to revolution. Interesting time folks. wish you all well. even the dumbazz lefties.

ronald J kozlowski
ronald J kozlowski
10 months ago

The one thing missing about why they are not happy. Immigration> I can,t believe the French, UK and Germany are happy being pushed aside for criminals. !st law they break is breach the border. 28 claiming 15 and the gov. lets it ride.Wonder why your pensions are being cut? Look across the med.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
10 months ago

Macron is wrong. This issue should have been handled in the election, instead of hiding it then launching a sneak attack.

French are not rational. They vote for leftists. They see the left destroy their country with massive immigration, crime, massive debt, locked down and poisoned, …. but they only revolt when expected to work until 64. They have guaranteed jobs, guaranteed raises, huge time off, …. and as the country goes broke they expect to get more.

This revolution will more likely result in a more repressive and more communist government than they have now. The French are not capable of setting up a better operation, The revolt will be use to further the cause of the NWO.

ronald J kozlowski
ronald J kozlowski
10 months ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

These things take time. we both will be dust when this is over. Storming the Bastille took several hundred yrs. It took Europe 700 yrs to expel what they embrace today. Just my thoughts

10 months ago

I’m not worried about a Revolution in France. I’m worried about a lack of won in the United States. It’s clear President Biden is Corrupt, but the Congress refuses to Impeach him. Because the Congress will not have a Revolution, we invite Civil War.

Last edited 10 months ago by GuvGeek