Irish Lives Matter Is a Hate Crime in Northern Ireland


According to the BBC, Northern Ireland authorities say they will treat the posting of an “Irish Lives Matter” sign as a hate crime.

Graffiti is now a hate crime.

Screenshot from video

Local police said signs hung in western Belfast were hung in the neighborhood saying, “no longer accept the re-housing of Illegal immigrants or the excrement of other communities,” the BBC says. The slogan “Irish Lives Matter” also appeared on a nearby mall’s wall.

“It’s deeply concerning and disgraceful that these offensive and racist signs have been erected in an attempt to create fear and intimidate people,” House of Commons member Paul Maskey stated, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

He added there is “no place for this type of behavior in our society” and urged political and community leaders to support a welcoming community.

So, in other words, there is no free speech for people who say things that offend virtue-signaling politicians.

Gerry Carroll, a Belfast West representative in the Northern Ireland Assembly, claimed the “racist poison” had no place in the city.

“We are under no illusions that ‘Irish Lives Matter’ is a racist slogan which is directly counterpoised to movements against the oppression faced by black people and other ethnic minorities,” Carroll stated, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

The representative called out the “far-right thugs” who are “nowhere to be found” when campaigns emerge to support the minorities the signs attack.

Irish Lives Matter is not racist, and these people are nuts. Instead of trying to deal with the problems they create, they are creating more.

The politicians plan to continue pouring illegal aliens into their housing development.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
2 months ago

If you are not allowed to say your life matters, then it means that your life does NOT matter.

if Irish can not say their lives matter the message is that their lives don’t matter.

if whites are not allowed to say their lives matter it means their lives don t matter.

it pretty much means, it is open season on whites, their lives don’t matter.

it pretty much means, you can intimidate, harass, persecute, beat up, rape, and murder white people, their lives don’t matter.

Do rats lives matter? no you can kill all the rats you want, their lives don’t matter.

Do polar bear lives matter? yes it is illegal to shoot them in most places. Polar bear lives matter.

the message is clear; if you hate white people, you can do what you want to them, their lives don t matter.

and their own government are making sure white lives don’t matter.

When Hitler was in charge Jewish lives did not matter.

It is our turn – we whites- our lives don’t matter.

We are there.

This is not a dress rehearsal.

This is real.

2 months ago

They’re not racist remarks. They’re people saying enough is enough. Diversity has proven not to be a strength but a weakness. These people refuse to assimilate and must go back to the cesspools they are from.