Windbag Christie Continues His Hate Trump Tour


Chris Christie probably isn’t going to make the ballot in Maine because he doesn’t have enough signatures, but he does have a lot to say. The only reason he’s running is to demonize Donald Trump and kill the Republican ticket. He appears on left-wing media regularly.

Clown Candidate

The former New Jersey governor has not met the Republican National Committee’s polling thresholds for qualifying for next week’s debate, with only a day left before Monday’s deadline, according to a POLITICO analysis.

He has to hit 6.6% in polls, and he’s at 2.2%.

Christie appeared on Bolling’s Newsmax show “The Balance” on Friday. Bolling told him people “hate me when I bring you on.”

In one of his rants today, Christie claimed Donald Trump doesn’t care about democracy or the Constitution.

Remember when Christie abandoned his staff during Bridgegate?

Joe Biden runs the country like a dictator and is destroying us in real time. Christie, a bloated blatherskite, has never said a word. When Biden threatens our free speech, our gun rights, our privacy rights, due process, and our borders, Christie never calls Biden a dictator.

Apparently, he wants to be sure a Republican doesn’t win.

When Mitt Romney was running for president, he did what he could to see that he failed. While Romney was campaigning in his state, Christie was warmly greeting Barack Obama. It was an op-ed intended to embarrass Romney.

Christie greeted Barack while Romney couldn’t get his attention.
Breanna Morella explains how he could gain momentum:

Donald Trump did a lot for the Jewish people and cares about them.

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