IRS Enforcers Like the Deep Blue Northeast States


It isn’t a bit suspicious that the IRS ignores the northeast when auditing tax returns. Collin Pruett says, “The Federal Government is an enforcement arm for the Northeast’s political hegemony.”

See what you think.

“Humphreys County, Mississippi, seems like an odd place for the IRS to go hunting for tax cheats. It’s a rural county in the Mississippi Delta known for its catfish farms, and more than a third of its mostly African American residents are below the poverty line. But according to a new study, it is the most heavily audited county in America,” Pro Publica reports in a new study.

Pro Publica, a left-wing outfit, says Humphreys is audited more because they have low incomes and use income tax credits. The IRS looks more closely at them. That may be true, but plenty of people use income tax credits in New York. How do they escape such scrutiny?

The report states that white middle-class Americans are audited the least.

That will likely change as the 87,000 new IRS agents come on board to hound the entire middle class.

Rep. Terri Sewell, a Democrat, said [Congress] “must ensure that the IRS initiates and executes audits in a fair and impartial manner.” That doesn’t mean they will leave Humphreys alone. It means they’ll create more Humphreys, but maybe not in the deep blue northeast. The map below tells the tale.

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1 year ago

How about State AGs indicting IRS agents for profiling and civil rights violations?

Last edited 1 year ago by GuvGeek